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Montana Crafts for Kids

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Quick! What do you know about the state of Montana? I have to admit: I didn’t know much about it at all before starting to study it with the kids. But there are a lot of really cool facts to share about Montana, including its history, its geography, and especially its wildlife.

And that’s why these Montana crafts for kids are such a fun way to teach students about this state! With these easy art projects, children can learn more about the animals that live in Montana, the state’s landscape, and its awesome weather patterns!

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Montana Crafts for Kids

Montana Crafts for Kids:

1. Montana’s official state mammal is the grizzly bear. This adorable Paper Plate Bear Craft is a fun craft to make with the little ones!

2. Skiing is one of the most popular outdoor sports in the state. Use your kids’ toy trains to make this really cool Wooden Train Ski Jump!

3. Here’s another skiing craft that’d be perfect for studying Montana: a Puff Paint Ski Mountains Craft!

4. The Ponderosa Pine tree is Montana’s official state tree. Let the kids make these simple Pine Tree Discovery Bottles for some sensory fun!

Montana Crafts for Kids and Parents to Make

5. One of Montana’s native animal species is the Gray Wolf. Help children learn more about this beautiful animal with this fun Printable Wolf Mask they can wear!

6. Montana’s mountains were originally formed by volcanic activity. Teach kids how mountains are created with this Mini Volcano Eruption Activity!

7. Daisies grow all over the place in Montana. Share this cute Fuzzy Stem Daisy Flower Craft with the littles!

8. Montana is a great topic for Letter of the Week! It begins with M and it’s home to lots and lots of mountains – two M topics. Try this Letter M Mountain Craft with your preschoolers!

Montana Crafts for Kids to Make

Do you have any fun Montana crafts for kids that you’ve tried in the past? Share your ideas in the comments!

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