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Wisconsin Crafts for Kids

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Wisconsin is definitely one of the coldest states in the United States. During winter, the state gets several feet of snow and ice. But Wisconsin is also known for its dairy products, its football teams, and its role in U.S. history!

Learn more about this northern state with these fun Wisconsin crafts for kids! There projects below that help children understand the kinds of industries that are based in Wisconsin, the animals that live in the state, and the kinds of activities that Wisconsinites love!

Ready to build a farm unit study for your little ones! Add these crafts to this list of tractor movies for kids for a fun themed lesson kids of all ages will love!

Wisconsin Crafts for Kids

Wisconsin Crafts for Kids:

1. Thanks to its dairy industry, Wisconsin has been nicknamed America’s Dairyland! Help your kids learn that dairy products come from cows with this easy Paper Cow Craft!

2. Wisconsin’s state bird is the robin. Your little ones will have fun making this colorful Footprint Robin Craft with finger paint!

3. The state is one of the leading producers of cheese in the entire country. Save the wax wrapping from mini cheese wheels to make these fun DIY Wax Boats the kids can sail!

4. The Green Bay Packers football team is based in the state of Wisconsin. Try this easy Football Lacing Craft for some fun fine motor skills practice!

Wisconsin Crafts to Make

5. Another dairy product made in Wisconsin is butter. Help kids see how it’s made with this easy Homemade Butter In a Jar activity!

6. Make a miniature Wisconsin winter world with this taste-safe Ice Palace Sensory Play activity!

7. Wisconsin’s state animal is the badger. This cute Paper Plate Badger craft is a perfect fit for this unit!

8. Along with dairy products, Wisconsin leads the U.S. in paper production. Try this fun Homemade Paper activity with your little ones!

Wisconsin Crafts for Kids to Make

What Wisconsin crafts for kids can you think of? Share your ideas in the comments!

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