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Pecan Praline Recipes

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We have compiled a list of our favorite pecan praline recipes that will surely please your family’s taste buds. Are you looking for some other ideas? Here are Holiday Cookies and Sweet Treats you’ll love.

Moms are constantly cooking, trying to make their families happy. This blog post is for all the moms out there who want to try something new with their recipes.

When the weather starts to cool off a bit down here in Southern Alabama, the Pecans (down here, it is pronounced Puh-Cahn) start to fall.  

When they fall, it is time to start making some yummy pecan praline recipes and so much other pecan yummy-ness! So get ready to start cooking one of these easy dessert recipes for Thanksgiving!

What are pecan pralines made of?

The praline is a southern tradition, commonly made with sugar and corn syrup. It’s been around since before America had its own official flag!

Some believe that the dessert was first created to mock British invaders for their habit of eating candy during tea time without Sugar Act restrictions!

However, that isn’t exactly true. LOL! Pralines actually originated in France and used almonds. When the French settlers arrived in the New World, they struggled to find almond trees, but pecan trees were aplenty! So, they substituted pecans and added cream to thicken the mixture (probably due to the humidity) resulting in today’s fudge-like pralines!

New Orleans may be famous for them, but you can find these delicious goodies all over the Southern states!

Is it Praline Pecan or Pecan Praline?

Well, they are both correct depending on what you are talking about.

A pecan praline is a cluster of pecans in a sugary sweet coating – typically patty shaped. Whereas a praline pecan is just an individual pecan coated in praline goodness.

Pecan Praline Recipes

Pralines are a traditional Southern dessert, but they can be made with any nut or combination of nuts.

In this article, we share some of our favorite pecan pralines recipe picks from around the world wide web!

As the holiday season approaches, we all find ourselves thinking about what to make for Thanksgiving.

This year, instead of bringing traditional treats to our family function, I want to step things up a bit! These pecan praline recipes are perfect.

Whether you need a last-minute gift idea or simply crave sweet things this time of year, these recipes will satisfy your cravings!

Which southern pralines recipe are you most excited to try?

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