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Over 30 Easy Pasta Recipes

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Easy Pasta Recipes are my favorite comfort foods. When it comes to simple recipes, this list of pasta dishes doesn’t disappoint. In fact, there are so many options for a stellar dinner recipe that you can easily make tonight.

Pasta is easily one of our favorite family dinners around here. It’s easy to make. It’s cheap to prepare. And all of my children love it. But just having regular old spaghetti can get pretty tiresome. So here’s a list of over 32 easy pasta recipes to try! You can make a different recipe every day for a month!

easy pasta recipes for a quick supper

From Mac and cheese to creamy pasta sauce, there’s a reason why pasta recipes totally rock. I love to pair my pasta with a bit of red wine or white wine or even let my slow cooker do a lot of the work as well.

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What are some great toppings for pasta?

I’m a huge fan of topping most pasta recipes with parmesan cheese. This works for tomato pasta, mushroom pasta, and even just a simple sun dried tomato pesto pasta as well.

You can also top with onions, cilantro, cherry tomatoes and extra tomato sauce as well.

How hard is it to overcook pasta?

Here’s the deal. Overcooking pasta is actually really simple to do. Most people will want to test their pasta after a few minutes of cooking or baking it just to be certain that it’s not being overcooked.

If you’re boiling your pasta on the stove, just a few minutes of time is all you’re going to need. The easiest way to NOT overcook your pasta is to follow the directions and set a timer for accuracy.

Easy Pasta Recipes

Check out this list of easy pasta recipes. It's a great way to make simple recipes easily for the family.

These simple pasta recipes are going to have you loving the pasta life. Make them all and figure out which one you love the best!

over 30 pasta recipes and ideas

Which of these easy pasta recipes are you going to make first?

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