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Red Velvet Box Cake Mix Recipes

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It’s amazing what you can make from a cake mix! These Red Velvet Box Cake Mix Recipes are proof of that! This list is full of cake recipes and sweet treats that will have you loving every bite. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or just a great way to whip up a yummy dessert easily at home. Make sure to check out my Easy Cake Mix Recipes for You to Eat Today!

The great thing about red velvet cake mix hacks is that you need very few simple ingredients to get started! Grab a box of red velvet cake mix, white cake mix, or your favorite cake mix, and get ready to turn it into red velvet madness!

I love an easy red velvet cake recipe. The fact that this list has over 25 makes me so very happy! While the texture of the cake is delicious, I’m a sucker for that cream cheese frosting that is added or drizzled on top. I’ll also use some melted white chocolate but that is a whole different story!

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When is the best time to frost a cake?

Once the cake is baked and you’ve let it cool completely in the cake pan, you can then proceed in frosting the cake. If you’re not a frosting fan, powdered sugar on top is yummy, too.

Room temperature cakes and treats are best to frost. If they’re too hot, the frosting will melt off or into the dessert.

Is there a boxed cake brand that is better than others?

This is really based on preference. I would say that Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker are probably the most popular. Why don’t you have a taste test and see what you prefer?

Us this dessert list as your guide and make the recipes using different brands of boxed cake mix! (Then report back to me so I know!)

Once you preheat the oven to 350 degrees, add the red food coloring, and pour batter into the cake pans, you’re well on your way to eating your recipe of choice!

With so many great choices, start at the top and work your way down! There are so many fun recipes here that you’re going to have a blast!

Red Velvet Box Cake Mix Recipes

Do you know which is these red velvet boxed cake mix recipes that you plan on making first? And are you going to share?!

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