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Delicious Green Mocktail Recipe

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Matching a drink’s color to the event or occasion is always popular.  This will help to bring together your decorations, activities and overall ambiance. 

This incredible Green Mocktail recipe will be a perfect match for your green-themed party or celebration.  You can’t serve anything but green if you are celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day or having a Grinch party. 

What if you are having a gender neutral baby shower?  You can’t serve pink or blue, but this is a good color that goes with either until the gender is revealed….or not.  

green lady mocktail recipe (1)

Your kids will feel special with this Green Mocktail drink because it has a cherry and tastes yummy.  Did you know that adding a cherry makes nearly any drink much more exciting and special?  It’s true.  Ask your kids!  

Holidays and get-togethers take on a new shape as we get older then kids, work and responsibilities take over.  Maybe a drink that normally would have vodka, rum or champagne in it may get transformed into a delicious creation that everyone may enjoy. 

This is where mocktails come in.  The delicious flavor of a mixed drink, but without any of the alcohol.  You can sip and enjoy the drink and the kids are able to feel special because they are getting a fancy drink to celebrate the occasion. 

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green goddess mocktail recipe (1)

Best Mocktail Recipes:

Though you may be making this mocktail for a party, it is going to be a big changer for your beverage game!  Once you try it, you are going to be scouring Pinterest for more mocktail recipes. No worries! Let me get you started with my picks. 🙂



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Strawberry Candy Corn Mocktail

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green apple mocktail faux appletini (1)

What is a fun way to make and share mocktails?

Hosting a mocktail-making party can be an enjoyable way to get friends and family together, who will then discover the wide array of drinks that can be created without alcohol.

Mocktails provide a fun alternative for different age groups, offering both flavor and creativity as participants explore myriad tastes and colors.

To organize a mocktail-making party, it is important to select ingredients that represent the desired flavors, decide on how many people will be attending and create recipes accordingly, assemble all necessary supplies, including glasses or cups for serving the drinks, and divide attendees into teams to come up with new creations.

Following their hard work creating delicious drinks, encourage guests to share them in an open platform with anyone interested in trying nonalcoholic craft beverages.

This event provides a great opportunity for attendees to socialize while discovering something they might not have known before -all while having such a delightful time!

What ages can drink mocktails?

Mocktails, also known as virgin cocktails, are alcohol-free beverages that have gained popularity in recent years.

While nearly anyone can drink these non-alcoholic beverages, certain guidelines must be considered to ensure proper enjoyment.

Legally speaking, any age can consume mocktails as no alcohol is contained within them. Furthermore, parents should consider the sugar content of mocktails versus alcoholic drinks when deciding whether or not to serve them to children – especially young children – to prevent tooth decay and other health issues correlated with excessively sugary drinks.

Ultimately, while anyone can enjoy a good mocktail in moderation, safe consumption practices should be adhered to regardless of applicable laws.

How do you serve a mocktail?

Preparing a mocktail is an enjoyable and straightforward process that can bring refreshment and pleasure to your gathering.

Firstly, select a glass of your choice and fill it two-thirds with ice cubes. Subsequently, choose the ingredients you prefer to create the desired flavor profile; commonly used ingredients range from citrus juices, to sugar syrup, etc.

Following this step, add your chosen flavors to the glass before topping it off with sparkling soda or filtered water.

To bring extra complexity and depth, try garnishing with fresh herbs, slices of citrus fruit, or any other ingredient that catches your attention.

Making these simple yet creative choices will ensure an inviting and exotic beverage that is pleasing for all.

Do mocktails contain soda?

Generally, mocktails contain ingredients such as juice, sugar, and spices. Though soda may be used as a component of many classic cocktails, it is not prevalent in most mocktail recipes.

Instead, recipes for mocktails tend to use carbonated alternatives such as flavored sparkling water or plain club soda for effervescence and mouthfeel.

Furthermore, this allows for the hydrating benefits of soda without the presence of any artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup.

By substituting soda in mocktail recipes with other options, a refreshing drink can still be made without any worry about consuming added sugars without knowing it.

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green goddess mocktail recipe (1)

Delicious Green Mocktail Recipe

Yield: 1



Fill shaker full of ice.

Pour ingredients into shaker in order listed.

Stir Gently

Strain mixture into serving glass.

  1. Add machino cherry garnish and serve.

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Miz Helen

Tuesday 2nd of April 2019

This Green Mocktail is going to be fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday and hope you are have a great week! Miz Helen

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