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RECIPE: Strawberry-Peach Smoothie

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It’s nice to start traditions. Making a meal for Mom on Mother’s Day can be a fun tradition. It can also help children begin to try new foods because helping with the food preparation usually peaks their interest to try what they have prepared.

RECIPE: Strawberry-Peach Smoothie

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Strawberry-Peach Smoothie


o    1 cup Peaches, Frozen sliced unsweetened
o    1 cup, unthawed Strawberries, frozen, unsweetened
o    1/2 cup(s) 8 oz Greek 0% Yogurt
o    1 1/2 cup(s) Almond Milk Original, rice milk or organic skim milk (preferably organic grass-fed
o    2 tbsp ground Flax Seeds (sprouted) (Optional)- High in Omega 3s, good for digestion
o    2 teaspoon Honey
o    Cinnamon sprinkle (Optional)
o    Whey Protein 1-2 tbsp (Optional)- Brain power, curbs appetite


Gather all ingredients.
Place in high speed blender.
Mix for 1-2 minutes, or desired consistency.
Divide in three 8 ounce cups.
Drink and enjoy!

Recipe Facts:
Serves: 3.0
Serving Size: 1 cup
Preparation Time: 5 minute(s)

Nutrition Facts per serving:
Calories: 142.9
Total Fat 3.6g
Saturated Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 92.7mg
Total Carbohydrate 23.3g
Dietary Fiber 3.9g
Sugars 11.1g
Protein 4.5g

RECIPE: Strawberry-Peach Smoothie

Recipe provided by Real Food Mom, Tracee Yablon Brenner ( She provides busy families with practical information, strategies, and healthy recipes for feeding nutritious, tasty meals and snacks quickly and easily every day.

Tracee Yablon-Brenner is a registered dietitian, board-certified holistic health counselor, owner of Nutrition is Healing, co-founder of, and mother of two girls. She completed her internship in dietetics at A in childhood and adolescent weight management. Yablon-Brenner is a member of the American Dietetic Association and Pediatric and Diabetic Practice Groups, the American Botanical Society, the Haworth School Wellness Committee, and Action for Healthy Kids. Brenner is the founder of the Real Food Moms (, dedicated to educating parents about family nutrition and whole foods cooking. She has also co-authored two comprehensive and practical guides for family nutrition, Great Expectations: Best Food for Your Baby and Toddler and Simple Food for Busy Families.

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Jill H

Monday 10th of June 2013

This sounds delicious and healthy! I'm adding it to my smoothie recipes! Thank you for sharing!

Maria Iemma

Tuesday 28th of May 2013

The smoothie looks very good. The only thing I would add is a handful of fresh spinash to boost up the nutritional value. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl Morreale (@loucheryl)

Tuesday 19th of February 2013

So very healthy. Thanks for this recipe. I will try ASAP. I hope my son likes it!

Lily Kwan

Saturday 16th of February 2013

This recipe looks very tasty. Thanks for sharing!


Thursday 16th of August 2012

this sounds very tasty, esp now that peaches are in season. I've really gotten into green smoothies lately, too. I use lots of spinach, celery, cucumber, lettuce, etc., toss a bit of fruit in, and you can't even taste the veggies!