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Delicious Pink Mocktails

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We absolutely love mocktails in our family. They’re great for throwing kid-friendly parties, they’re yummy for game day gatherings, and they’re good to drink on hot summer days! Plus, since they’re non-alcoholic, anyone can enjoy them!

But it’s also a nice touch with your party drinks are both yummy and beautiful and that’s why I love these gorgeous and delicious pink mocktails! They taste amazing, but they also look incredible in a glass pitcher. Try one of these drink recipes to brighten your next lunch party!

Check out even more tasty drinks in this list of over 30 mocktails for kids’ parties!

Delicious Pink Mocktails

These delicious pink mocktails are perfect for:

A little girl’s tea party

A baby girl shower

A Breast Cancer Awareness event.

Just because 🙂

Delicious Pink Mocktails:

1. Serve up this sweet Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Mocktail to your very special someone! Or for a really cute heart-themed party!

2. This lovely Pineapple Mojito Mocktail is a great drink for adults and kids to enjoy!

3. Make a pitcher of this pink Cherry Blossom Mocktail and serve it over ice at a barbecue!

4. This tangy Lemon Lime Cherry Mocktail would go with sweet or savory snacks!

5. Your guests will love the tartness of this Cranberry Kiss Mocktail!

6. This Fizzy Strawberry Daiquiri Mocktail is a perfect version of “bubbly” that kids can sip on too!

7. This Sparkling Raspberry Lemon Mocktail looks so light and refreshing. It’d be a great drink for brunch!

8. Put the taste of an ice cream sundae in a drink with this Strawberry Creamsicle Mocktail recipe!

9. Skip the Cosmopolitan cocktail and make this easy Cranberry Mint Mocktail instead!

10. Kids will love the sugary sweetness of this colorful Cotton Candy Mocktail!

11. This Raspberry Lemon Lime Mocktail would be a nice party punch to try!

Delicious Pink Mocktails to Try

12. This fruity Strawberry Banana Mocktail is a cool way to add a naturally sweet taste to your party!

13. I love how fun these Sparkling Strawberry Floats are! An awesome addition to your next hangout!

14. Lemonade is probably my very favorite drink ever. I just have to try this recipe for Pink Cranberry Lemonade!

15. Did you know you can get strawberry-flavored candy corn? Pick some up to make this fun Strawberry Candy Corn Mocktail!

16. As you might guess, the Drink Pink Mocktail is…bright pink! It’d be a great drink for a princess party!

17. And speaking of princesses, The Cinderella Fruit Mocktail would go wonderfully with a fairy tale-themed get-together!

18. Remember the Pink Panther cartoon? Serve up some coolness of your own with this Pink Panther Mocktail!

19. Pour up a few glasses of these Strawberry Mocktail Mules and let your guests serve themselves!

20. The children will love sipping on this Pretty in Pink Mocktail! Be sure to get some cute pink drink umbrellas too!

21. Having an outdoor lunch party? This Tea and Honey Sparkling Sangria Mocktail would be a lovely beverage!

If you have found these pink yummies for Breast Cancer awareness, please note that we also have a few breast cancer awareness activities and craft ideas for your children.

Delicious Pink Mocktails to Make

Delicious Pink Mocktails Recipes and Resources:

These Amazon affiliate resources are perfect for mixing up your own delicious pink mocktails!

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