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Kansas Crafts for Kids

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When you think of the state of Kansas, what comes to mind? Personally, I think of wheat fields, acres of farmland, and barns. Which is fitting, because one of Kansas’ biggest industries is farming.

In fact, Kansas farms feature such varied products as cotton, soybeans, pigs, corn, wheat, and dairy! But there’s a lot more to Kansas than farms and that’s why these Kansas crafts for kids are so cool! Kids can use them to explore this Midwestern state from top to bottom!

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Kansas Crafts for Kids

Kansas Crafts for Kids:

1. Kansas’ state flower is the sunflower, which makes sense, since the sunflower grows well in dry climates. Kids will love making this beautiful Fork Print Sunflower Craft!

2. Did you know that the Pony Express used to travel through Kansas? Help kids learn about this forerunner of the mail service with this sweet Paper Bag Mailbag Craft!

3. The state reptile of Kansas is the box turtle. Build your own nest of these reptiles with this easy Coffee Filter Turtle craft!

4. Due to its flat land, Kansas is an ideal place for growing wheat. Gather up some wheat stalks and add in process art for kids with this hands-on Wheat Painting Activity!

Kansas Crafts to Make

5. Help the kids get to know the Western honey bee, Kansas’ state insect, with this cute Recycled Bee Craft!

6. Both the hog farming and cotton growing industries have big presences in Kansas. Learn about both with this neat Cotton Ball Pig Craft!

7. Kansas is home to acres and acres of cornfields. Show the kids where popcorn comes from with this cool Corncob Popcorn Experiment!

8. Many aerospace manufacturers are based in Kansas, and most kids love airplanes! Help them learn how to build their own Lego Paper Airplane Launcher to use inside the house!

Have you made any fun Kansas crafts for kids with your family? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments!

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