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Big and Small Sorting Activities

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Learning to is one of the important math concepts for toddlers and preschoolers to master. Understanding the difference between big and small is a big step toward classifying items in a set, which is a good foundation for counting.

The good news is that this is a fairly simple skill to introduce to children, especially at a young age. If you’re stumped for size teaching ideas, try this list of big and small sorting activities! There are fun, hands-on activities here for young learners of all stages, including babies!

Get more ideas for teaching size differentiation to kids with this list of Big and Small Preschool Activities!

Big and Small Sorting Activities for Kids

Big and Small Sorting Activities:

1. This easy Shape and Size Matching Activity is a fun way to teach colors, shapes, and sizes at once!

2. Introduce your smallest learners to sizes with this simple Big and Small Ball Treasure Bin for Babies!

3. These beautiful Matroyshka-Themed Sorting Printables are a great resource for teaching kids to tell sizes apart!

4. Do you have colored buttons laying around? Try this easy Sorting Colored Buttons activity to teach sizes in no time!


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5. This lovely DIY Rainbow Size Sorting Game is a perfect spring size activity!

6. Grab this printable Monster Truck Measurement activity to teach kids to measure big and small objects!

7. This cute One Fish Two Fish Size Sorting Activity is a fun way to add math to your favorite Dr. Seuss book!

8. Separate small and big items simply with this no-prep Muffin Pan Size Sorting activity!

Big and Small Sorting Ideas

9. This colorful Rainbow Frogs Size Sorting activity is such a fun way for kids to sort by color or size on their own!

10. Want to incorporate nature in your math lesson? Try this simple STEM Classifying Rocks by Size activity!

11. Have a little train fan? This Comparing Size with Trains activity is perfect!

12. This sweet Big and Small Umbrella Sort activity is so adorable and it’s easy to make too!


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13. To make math fun, just add candy! This Candy Sorting by Size activity is fun for all ages!

14. Mix up different pom-poms and use this soft Sorting Big and Small Pom-Poms center for preschoolers!

15. Read the book “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and then perform this fun, preschool The Three Bears Porridge Size Experiment!

16. Pick up these Flower Size Sorting Printables to help preschoolers cut, paste, and separate sizes!

Big and Small Sorting Activities

Big and Small Sorting Preschool Resources:

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