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Simple Preschool Music and Colors Activity

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We’ve been reading lots of recycle crafts books from the library.  One of the books, “Nifty Thrifty Music”  had an idea for reusing baby food jars. I thought the idea was adorable.  I especially love the music stickers, but since we didn’t have any baby food jars laying around, I decided to just use our juice glasses instead.

Turns out that we only needed a handful of regular household supplies to do this simple preschool music and colors activity! See how we did it in just a few minutes!

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Preschool Music and Colors Activity

What You Need: 

What You Do: 

Fill up your glasses or jars with water, a different amount of water for every glass. Next, put food coloring in each glass to make it a different color.  Somehow, I only have blue and yellow food coloring, so I had to get a little creative. I love it looks going into the glass!

Music and Colors Activity for Preschool

After the glasses were all ready, I handed them over to my 3 year old daughter with a couple of baby spoons and let her at it!  As you can see, she had a blast! She played music for awhile, and then when I left the room, she decided to use her glasses for a science experiment! There was a lot of mixing and pouring going on.  🙂

Even though this activity is simple, preschoolers can learn a lot from it. They learn gross motor skills, such as mixing and pouring, as well as color theory as they mix colors together and make new shades.

In addition, they learn how to make simple musical tones. Experiment with adding more water or using less water to see how the musical notes change!

Simple Music and Colors Activity for Preschoolers

Music and Colors Preschool Resources:

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