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California Crafts for Kids

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What comes to mind when you think of California? Gold, bears, Hollywood? All of these are fun topics for kids to study as they learn about the history of the Eureka State and these California crafts for kids feature fun, hands-on projects that kids of all ages can make!

California is truly a unique part of the United States. It is bordered on one side by the Pacific Ocean, so beaches run along the state’s entire length. But California is also home to deserts, bustling metropolises, and plenty of famous sights for tourists. When you’re learning about this state, these crafts are a fun way to add some art to your unit!

One of the most famous parts of California is Hollywood – the movie-making capital located in Los Angeles. If you’re in the mood for some great kid flicks, check out these Oscar-nominated movies for kids!

California Crafts for Kids

California Crafts for Kids:

1. This California State Necklace is an adorable way to learn to recognize the state on a map! Older kids will love making this DIY necklace!

2. Due to its proximity to major fault lines, California is constantly under threat from earthquakes. Help kids learn how they occur with this Earthquake Science Experiment!

3. The state’s giant redwoods are truly a marvel of nature. Make this fun California Redwood Forest Craft to introduce children to these giants!

4. California’s historic gold rush led to the state’s population boom during the late 1800s. This cute Egg Carton Treasure Box is a craft that lets kids keep their “treasures” safe!

State Crafts for Kids about California

5. Los Angeles hosted the Olympic Games in 1984. Many of the Olympic facilities are still in use today. Make these super cute Olympic Gold Medal Treats with the family!

6. California’s state animal is the bear. It even appears on the state flag! This Simple Pom Pom Bear Craft is just too cute for words!

7. The poppy is the state flower of California. I love how beautiful these California Poppy Magnets are!

8. Work on learning the state’s geography with this printable California State Map Coloring Page!

Do you have any ideas for fun California crafts for kids? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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