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Fly Guy Books and Printable Activities

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Have you heard of Fly Guy?  These are super popular, easy-reader books for kids.  These Fly Guy Books and Printable Activities are so much fun for kids! The buzz boy and fly guy reading level is going to be for ages 4-7, but these books are really fun for all! You’re going to love this list of Fly Guy books to read. At 4 – 7 dollars each, they are a perfect addition to your child’s reading fun. 

Every book will have your child guess what Fly Guy is going to be up to in each and every book. And once they read these books, they’re going to want to do more Fly Guy worksheets, Fly Guy activities, Fly Guy printables as well!

grab some of these books about Fly Guy for your child

Let’s give a big hooray for Fly Guy reading level books that will get kids excited and geared up for reading! Don’t forget the shoo fly guy reading level book for early readers, too. There are so many great reasons for your child to want to read these books!

Is Fly Guy a chapter book?

Technically, yes but not in the traditional chapter way. Some of the books do have different chapters that are great for being able to stop without feeling like you’re just stopping in the middle of the page.

These books are still considered easy reader books so even if there are chapters, they’re just a few pages long.

What are some other fun Fly Guy ideas and activities?

Print out these fun homeschool activities based on Fly Guy’s adventures. Kids can create their own Fly Guy comic, search for amazzzing words in the Word Find and help Fly Guy and Buzz escape the pirate ship in the Maze activity.

Don’t have the books?  Well, they are so popular that there aren’t even one of the 11 different books available on Paperback swap!  So, you can check with your local library or order a bunch from Amazon.

Just be ready – there is some wild adventures that your child is certain to love! Many of the books are leaving readers to guess how things are going to end!

But one thing is for certain, there’s no doubt that Fly Guy likes smelly and brown food, and the more lumpy, smelly, and brown it is, the better. Every book has him in search of his favorite food or thing or sometimes just helping out and solving problems as well.

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Don’t homeschool?  If your kids attend regular school, I am sure they have to read a certain number of books each quarter or read for a certain amount of time each evening.  Why not have books available for them that they will actually like?

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Friday 15th of November 2013

Thank you so much for sharing these printables. My son loves Fly Guy! We have four of the books so far. I even made him a Fly Guy vs. Flyswatter lunch.

Kelli Miller

Monday 25th of November 2013

OMG! That is the cutest thing! What a super fun idea :-)


Monday 11th of November 2013

Awesome - we are huge fans and have 7 Fly Guys, in fact, we are headed out to meet the author himself next week =) at a library program!

Kelli Miller

Monday 11th of November 2013

Oh that is so cool to go meet the Author! Have fun. :-)