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Nevada Crafts for Kids

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What do you know about the state of Nevada? When I was young, the only thing I knew about it was that Las Vegas was located there. I always thought the city’s lights were incredible and I wanted to visit so I could see them in person.

But there’s a lot more to Nevada than the bright lights of Vegas! This state features plenty of learning ideas to share with children and these Nevada crafts for kids can help! Help the kids discover the state’s wildlife, history, geography, and more with these hands-on art projects!

Thanks to its desert climate, Nevada is home to many different kinds of snakes. Check out these cool snake activities for kids to learn more about these creatures in your homeschool!

Nevada Crafts for Kids

Nevada Crafts for Kids:

1. Most of the state of Nevada is located within the Great Basin, a desert plain surrounded by mountains. Teach children about this environment with this neat Build a Desert Biome activity!

2. Nevada is known as the “Silver State”, but it’s actually the fourth-largest producer of gold in the world. Try this Preschool Gold Coin Estimation Activity to work on math skills!

3. The TransContinental Railroad runs directly through Nevada. Let the kids build their own tracks with this neat Fall Spice Railroad Craft!

4. The desert tortoise is the state reptile of Nevada. Make some turtles of your own with these lovely Painted Tortoise Rocks!

Nevada Crafts to Make

5. Want to add some sensory play to your Nevada unit? Create this Desert Small World in a shoebox and let the kids play with it outside!

6. The desert bighorn sheep is the state animal of Nevada. Add some giant curled horns to this simple Paper Plate Sheep Craft!

7. Mining is still one of the largest industries in Nevada. Show kids who to search for hidden treasure with this fun DIY Mining Activity!

8. Nevada’s state bird is the mountain bluebird. This sweet Bluebird Handprint Craft is easy enough for little ones to make! Plus, you could hang it on the wall afterwards!

Nevada Crafts for Kids to Try

Have you tried any particular Nevada crafts for kids with your family? Share your ideas in the comments!

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