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West Virginia Crafts for Kids

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West Virginia is located in the heart of Appalachia – the region of the U.S. situated among the Applachian Mountains. Due to its geographic location, the state is full of high hills, low valleys, and small villages. West Virginia is best known for its coal mines, but it’s also full of amazing wildlife, rich history, and more!

As you study the state of West Virginia in your homeschool, be sure to try these West Virginia crafts for kids! Kids can make geography crafts, animal crafts, and historical crafts that relate to West Virginia and its residents!

For more crafts based around this part of the United States, don’t miss this list of fun Virginia crafts for kids!

West Virginia Crafts for Kids

West Virginia Crafts for Kids:

1. This printable Mountain Sequencing Puzzle is a fun activity for helping kids count to 10! Plus, it ties in wonderfully with West Virginia’s nickname: The Mountain State!

2. The coal mines of West Virginia have been famous for many years. Let the kids get involved with this fun Coal and Water Sensory Bin they can explore!

3. West Virginia’s state mammal is the black bear. Make this cute and Simple Circle Bear Craft with your youngest kids!

4. The rhododendron is the state flower of West Virginia. Use these printable flower flashcards to learn about this flower and several others!

Fun West Virginia Crafts

5. West Virginia’s state reptile is the rattlesnake. Kids will love to make their own slithery snakes with this cool Bottle Cap Rattlesnake Craft!

6. The New River Gorge Bridge is one of West Virginia’s most famous landmarks. It’s even pictured on the state quarter! Get the children started in engineering with this fun Build an Elephant Bridge activity!

7. Recreate the small villages that lie in the West Virginia mountains with this fun Gingerbread House Village craft!

8. At the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in West Virginia, astronomers study the sky using the enormous Green Bank Telescope. Teach your children to observe the planets with this DIY Working Telescope for Kids!

Fun West Virginia Crafts for Kids

Which one of these West Virginia crafts for kids do you plan to try with your family? Let us know in the comments!

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