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Ocean Animals Unit Study

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Do you have kids in the house that are obsessed with Ocean animals? This Ocean Animals Unit Study is perfect! Because Sight Words are so fun to do, you will find some of the exact same types of worksheets using ocean-themed words here as well!  I’ve listed all my resources here for you to print and get started! Don’t miss out on these ocean social studies activities for preschoolers! They’re a fun way to learn about ocean animals as a family.

For more learning fun, check out these Dolch Sight Words Worksheets for the kids, too! Pair these with these ocean theme activities and you’ve got a lot of learning fun!

ocean animals unit study

A Unit Study is a great way to cover all subjects while sticking to one big theme.  I will try to include resources for every subject, but you may need to adapt some things to fit the age of your child.  

I am slowly building this awesome resource, so be sure to check in often because I will add more ocean activities as we create them.  OR, simply subscribe to my daily newsletter to be notified when new Ocean Animals Unit Study things come out!

Ocean Animals Unit Study

Use this ocean unit study homeschool list as a great way to get the kids pumped and excited about learning. If you have an under the sea unit that you’re studying, these printables would be the perfect addition.


From fine motor skills to more, art is always fun! These art activities are great for hands on activities about ocean animals.

Bible Studies:

Add some ocean life and animal learning to your bible studies! These printable are perfect for doing just that.

Food, Snacks, Recipes:

Save yourself some stress and clean up time and make some snacks and put them on paper plates. These snack ideas are great for tasty fun!


It’s always time to work on writing skills. Any of these handwriting worksheets are great for the kids to tackle and have fun with.

History, Geography & Social Studies:

Show the kids where the marine animals, sea creatures, and coral reef locations are around the world!


Math learning is so simple with these printables. They can count the fish and work on other math skills. Another fun idea it so collect shea shells and have the kids count them out!

Physical Education:

*Coming Soon*


Books are always a great learning idea. The pages of books hold so much information that will draw the kids in! Below are just a few examples of great reading resources.


When it comes to animal facts, these are the best! See what other facts that the kids know about manta rays! They may be able to provide you with some fun facts, too! Sea shell counting keeps math fun!

Spelling, Vocabulary, Language Arts:

The kids will get so much confidence once they learn how to spell and read sight words! These printables are great for helping with reading comprehension.


Once you start with this ocean-themed learning, don’t stop! Below are a few more great activities that I highly suggest.

You can find even more awesome Ocean Animals Unit Study ideas on my Pinterest Board!

Ocean Animals Unit Study on Pinterest

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