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50 Fall Activities for Families

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Creating a fall bucket list with your family with these 50 fall activities for families is a fantastic way to welcome in the fresh, crisp air, the changing leaves and the delicious comfort food.

There are so many fun and exciting fall activities for families to participate in together, celebrating the change in season and creating wonderful, long lasting memories.

50 fall activities for your autumn bucket list

And one of the ways we kicked-off making our fall bucket list was by, well, making the bucket list.

We sat down as a family and challenged ourselves to come up with the ultimate fall bucket list for families.

What kind of fun fall activity ideas can we come up with?

Well, that answer is pretty simple. I can come up with 15, the kids can come up with 20 more and the husband? Well, we finished off with a big list of 50 fall activities for families that everyone will enjoy!

Here’s what we came up with:

50 Fall Activities for Families

1. Build a scarecrow. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Just get some of the kids’ old clothes, fill with some hay (you can get that at the local tractor store) or polyfil and toss a head on top!

2. Go Apple Picking in an apple orchard and bake a fresh apple pie or apple crisp. Oh, I can taste it now.

3. Make fun apple recipes.

4. Make a fall craft using leaves.

5. Rake leaves into a huge pile and jump into it. This is serious fun.

6. Get scared in a haunted house. There are some great kid-friendly ones that get put on in my hometown, I’m sure if you look around, you’ll find one too!

7. Go on a hayride. 

8. Decorate with Halloween DIY crafts

9. Go on a Nature Walk. The kids can do a fun fall scavenger hunt for all different colors of leaves!

10. Visit a zoo or local park. 

11. Navigate a corn maze. 

12. Make pumpkin crafts

13. Go on a family bike ride. 

14. Have a Halloween themed party. 

15. Watch Halloween themed movies. My favorites are some of the older ones, but the kids really want to watch newer ones. Either way, I think we’ll be watching a lot of movies this fall.

16. Do Thanksgiving worksheets.

17. Make your own Thanksgiving centerpiece using gourds. 

18. Go on a Fall road trip. 

19. Collect acorns. 

20. Make Pumpkin treats

21. Dress up as toilet paper mummies. If you haven’t done this, it’s ridiculously fun. And super simple!

22. Visit a pumpkin patch. 

23. Decorate pumpkins. 

24. Toast pumpkin seeds. If you’ve never done this, it’s really simple. Just clean them after carving the pumpkin and sprinkle some salt on top then pop them in the oven at 350-degrees for 10 minutes. Yum!

25. Make a Candy Apple Mocktail. 

50 fall activities for families and kids

26. Visit a local farm. The kids will LOVE this!

27. Drink warm apple cider. 

28. Make comforting soup recipes together.

29. Play board games. 

30. Make Family Halloween Costume ideas. 

31. Throw a great Halloween kid’s party.

32. Make hot chocolate. You can do it from scratch or in the slow cooker or just with powder–but the kids really wanted to do this. So, it’s on the list!

33. Have a costume parade. The kids asked for this–I think it will just be our family and through our house. But you could get together with friends for a playdate to do this, too!

34. Have a family photoshoot outdoors. You can do this yourself just in a pile of leaves or while you’re at the park. This doesn’t have to be complex. 

35. Do Scarecrow crafts and activities

36. Visit a Farmer’s market. 

37. Attend a local fall festival. We plan to do the one at the local school. So fun!

38. Book a fall family fun staycation. 

39. Make Thanksgiving crafts

40. Have a make your own pizza party

41. Lounge by the fireplace. With a blanket and a book. And that hot cocoa.

42. Make a treat with leftover Halloween candy

43. Attend a local football game. Be sure to take blankets and a thermos of hot cocoa. So fun!

44. Go Stargazing. It’s perfect weather for it. If you have a college nearby, they may even have an observatory with public viewing times.

45. Bake Brownie S’mores. The kids are pretty insistent–they love these easy snacks!

46. Play glow stick hide and seek. 

47. Start a family gratitude journal. This is a great Thanksgiving activity, but doing it for more than just Thanksgiving is also wonderful.

48. Declutter before the Holiday season. Won’t that be nice before the holiday visitors come?!

49. Do some candy corn activities

50. Get cozy under a blanket and read some stories. I mean, we do this all the time, but how could I not include it?!

There are so many fun fall activity ideas to do with your family this time of year.

Creating a fall bucket list is a fantastic way to way to create positive memories for your family that will stand the test of time.

So, get to work creating your very own fall bucket list and check everything off before the seasons change, the snow falls and it comes time to make a winter bucket list. 

50 fall activities for families to do together

I sincerely am excited about knocking off all these great fall fun ideas on our fall bucket list. This is just going to be a riot.

If you want to follow along on this journey with us this fall, be sure to pin this to your favorite fall board on Pinterest. That way you can find it again super fast!

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