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Bible Verse Printables and Activities for Kids

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Studying the Bible with kids can present a few challenges, especially if your kids have short attention spans, high energy levels, or don’t like reading. But there are plenty of ways to turn a Bible lesson into a super fun activity for kids of all ages!

Bible Verse Printables and Activities for Kids

Make learning about the Bible super fun for kids with this list of 50 Bible Verse Printables and Activities for Kids! With Bible printables, Bible activities, Bible crafts, Vacation Bible School ideas, and Bible snacks to choose from, you’re sure to find something that your kids will enjoy!

How can I make learning Bible verses fun for kids?

Learning Bible verses can be a challenge for kids, but it doesn’t have to be boring and unenjoyable. Try making it into a game – assign points and rewards for learning each verse or chunk of verses, or incorporate movement such as tossing a ball back and forth while saying the verse together.

By breaking up the verses into smaller sections, repetition helped by physical activities such as clapping on particular words to help emphasize the fun in learning can help kids learn effectively with more enthusiasm!

Use memory friendly activities such as turning the verses into a rhyme or song, drawing them out on paper, or even making up charades that demonstrate the verse’s meaning.

There are endless possibilities!

How hard is it for kids to learn Bible verses?

Learning Bible verses can be a difficult challenge for some children. Without the right guidance, kids may quickly forget the verses they learn.

Furthermore, some of the bible verses are very complex and can be confusing to interpret and comprehend. Additionally, memorizing large chunks of text or words can also be overwhelming for many children.

Therefore, if children want to learn and remember Bible verses, they may find it helpful to break them down into smaller sections and ask their parents or teachers to help in understanding the passages more clearly.

With such guidance and practice, kids will eventually be able to easily remember relevant Bible passages with ease.

What are some simple ways to help kids learn verses of the Bible?

Making Bible verse memorization fun and engaging for kids is key to teaching them Biblical truths in a way that sticks with them.

A great way to do that is through games. For young children, having them match together pictures of Bible characters can help them memorize some of the more basic verses.

For older children, providing flashcards they can quiz their friends on or even making a competition out of who can recite the most verses in an allotted time can be beneficial.

Assigning specific Bible characters to individual children and asking each one to develop their own creative skit or poem illustrating the verse can also be a lot of fun and provides an extra layer of understanding for those involved.

Finally, taking the whole family outside for a game of ‘Bible Charades’ can provide an exciting change of pace while helping everyone learn applicable scripture passages.

Bible Verse Printables and Activities for Kids

Printable Bible Verses for Kids

1. Use these Free Printable Bible Verses about Kindness to help kids learn the value of being kind to one another!

2. Proverbs 15:1 stresses the importance of using gracious speech. This Proverbs 15:1 Handwriting Practice is a good way to combine penmanship and a Bible lesson!

3. Use this Printable Ocean Animal-Themed Bible Verse Cursive Practice to help older kids work on cursive skills!

4. Help kids learn about showing love with this John 13:34 Handwriting Practice!

5. These Ocean Animal-Themed Bible Verse Handwriting Sheets are a fun way to add a Bible lesson into an ocean animals unit!

6. This Printable John 3:16 Handwriting Practice helps kids remember this important scripture!

7. Jesus set a wonderful example for children by his conduct. This Printable Luke 2:52 Copywork is good for helping kids look at his life and follow him.

8. Use this Practice Handwriting with Psalm 27:14 to introduce kids to the Psalms!

9. Learn to freely forgive with this Printable Ephesians 4:32 Copywork!

10. Work on character development with this Printable Proverbs 14:29 Copywork!

Bible Crafts for Kids

Bible Crafts for Kids

11. This God Created the Heavens and the Earth Craft is such a simple idea!

12. Use this easy Heart Bible Craft with Verses about Love to help kids show love!

13. Make this Felt Coat of Many Colors Craft during a lesson about Joseph!

14. Help kids craft these fun Glow in the Dark Name Bracelets based on Matthew 5:12-14!

15. This Noah’s Ark Spaghetti Craft is so easy for little hands to make!

16. This Cardboard Tube Moses Craft is too cute for words!

17. Help children make this Gideon’s Torch Craft during a study of the book of Judges!

18. Make these Biblical Wooden Peg People and create a Bible scene!

19. If the other coat craft is too difficult, try this easier Tissue Paper Joseph’s Coat Craft with toddlers!

20. Create a pop-up story frame with this Jesus Raises Jairus’ Daughter Craft!

21. Use old boxes and toilet tissue rolls to make a Cardboard Noah’s Ark!

22. This Moses Parting the Red Sea Craft is so great for studying Exodus!

Bible Activities for Kids

Bible Activities for Kids

23. This easy Nativity Sequencing Activity is perfect for preschoolers!

24. Use this simple Cellophane Lesson on Jesus’ Sacrifice to talk about the value of Jesus’ blood!

25. These 15 Bible Songs to Teach Children are fun for singing about the Bible!

26. Help young ones learn to show love with this Love One Another Preschool Project!

27. You only need plain paper and markers to help kids Make a Plagues Book!

28. These Printable Bible People are good for creating Bible pictures and DIY storybooks!

29. Work on becoming good friends with this F is for Friendship Activity based on Ephesians 4:32!

30. Use old clothespins to make this Clothespin Nativity Scene!

31. Help kids understand why it’s important to forgive with this Object Lesson on the Weight Lifted Through Forgiveness!

32. This simple God So Loved the World Preschool Activity is a fun way for kids to learn about God’s love for mankind!

Vacation Bible School Ideas

Vacation Bible School Ideas for Kids

33. Use these Vacation Bible School Snack Ideas to make simple snacks for VBS!

34. This Vacation Bible School Glitter Fish Craft is so simple and inexpensive that it’s perfect for a VBS group!

35. Teach about Paul’s being healed from blindness with this Paul’s Conversion Activity!

36. If you’re in charge of the VBS menu at your church, try these Vacation Bible School Menu Ideas!

37. Help kids at VBS make this Vacation Bible School Fish Plaque to hang in their rooms!

38. All you need is cardboard and paint for this easy Turning Water into Wine Activity!

39. This God’s Word is Like a Mirror Activity is simple enough to complete in just five minutes!

40. Make these Gospel of Peace Suncatchers with a few kids or a hundred!

41. Work on recognizing the value of inner beauty with this Beauty on the Inside Activity based on the story of Rachel and Leah!

42. Help kids make their own Helmet of Salvation for Kids!

Bible Themed Snacks for Kids

Bible Snacks for Kids

43. These Fiery Furnace S’mores are such a fun idea!

44. Teach kids about Jesus feeding the crowd with this Jesus Feeds the 5000 Snack!

45. Help kids remember the birth of Christ with this Angels Announcing the Birth of Jesus Snack!

46. This Simple Manna-Inspired Snack is a fun way to teach children about contentment!

47. This 5 Loaves and 2 Fish Snack is another way to talk about Jesus feeding the crowds!

48. Learn about how God created the earth with these Days of Creation Snacks!

49. Bake a Rainbow Cake to talk about the Great Flood!

50. This adorable pineapple Jacob’s Dream Snack is so fun to make with kids!

More Bible Resources for Kids

Use these resources to make teaching your kids the Bible even more fun!

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