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Over 30 Sweet Smores Recipes

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S’mores are pretty much the quintessential childhood treat. They’re warm and chocolately and gooey and just straight up wonderful. And here’s where I have to make a confession: I didn’t eat my first S’more until I was in my 30s. *cue horror music*

Anyway, I’m determined to make sure my kids get to eat them! But did you know that there are lots of different ways to make S’mores? I’ve rounded up over 30 sweet smores recipes, including cupcakes, cookies, shakes, and more! If you need to get your S’mores fix, try one of the decadent treats on this list! Take a peek at these other awesome smores recipes!


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Over 30 Sweet Smores Recipes:

1. You don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy S’mores! Try these Indoor Smores on a Stick!

2. Have dessert for breakfast with this Smores Stuffed French Toast!

3. The kids can help you bake these Kid-Friendly Smores Muffins!

4. Take your breakfast on the go with this yummy Smores Smoothie!

5. Skip the assembly line and serve these Smores Dessert Squares!

6. This Smores Pie would be wonderful with ice cream!

7. These Smores Cupcakes are so simple and perfectly sized for little hands!

8. Make this Smores Poke Cake and get the same taste without all the work!

9. Don’t have a campfire? No problem! Make these Oven Baked Smores!

10. Serve this delicious Smores Pizza as dessert on pizza night!

11. These adorable Mini Smores Tortes are classy enough to serve at a dinner party!

12. Short on time? Make this 10 Minute Dutch Oven Smores Cake!

13. This Smores Fudge would make a wonderful gift for friends and family!

14. This individual Sinful Smores Parfait is a snack for one you can enjoy during your precious “me time”. 🙂

15. These fun-sized Smores Bites are perfect for an afternoon snack!

16. Stun your guests with this beautiful Smores Layer Cake – complete with a chocolate bar crust!


17. I love cheesecake. I’m definitely making these cute Mini Smores Cheesecakes!

18. Cool off during hot weather with this Smores Frozen Hot Chocolate!

19. Get your ice cream fix with this Smores Milkshake!

20. Put a twist on classic S’mores with these Strawberry Smores made with fresh strawberries!

21. Add a new flavor to your smores and make these Fudge Striped Cookie Smores with cookies!

22. Okay. This one is basically life-changing. If I can master this No Churn Smores Ice Cream, I’m probably going to eat it every single day for the rest of my life.

23. These Pillowy Smores Cookies look so soft and creamy!

24. What kid doesn’t love cookie pizza? Make this Smores Cookie Pizza and they’ll gobble it up!

25. This Smores Popcorn Bark looks like such a fun snack!

26. Marshmallow and chocolate and peanut butter? These Smores Peanut Butter Cookie Bars have it all!

27. Add some fresh fruit to this Easy Chocolate Smores Tart for an elegant dessert!

28. Enjoy these Frozen Smores any time of year!

29. These fun Inside Out Smores are perfect finger food snacks!

30. Use boxed cereal to make these Indoor Smores Bars in no time!

31. Add some richness to your Smores with these Salted Caramel Smores!

32. Skip the graham crackers and make these creamy Smores Stuffed Strawberries!


Resources for Making Sweet Smores:

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