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Sweet and Yummy Strawberry Soda Cupcake Recipe

You’re really going to love this Strawberry Soda Cupcake Recipe. The cupcake batter is fast and easy to make and it has such an awesome flavor, too. The added soda is just such a fun ingredient and gives it that little extra kick. Make certain to check out our other cupcake recipes, too! This is …

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Strawberry Valentine Cupcakes Recipe

I have made a special batch of Valentine treats, like this Strawberry Valentine Cupcakes Recipe, every year for my boys. Not a set to take to the Valentines school party or share with anyone else–something special just for us. They love having this special treat from me to them–it’s a precious reminder of our mother-son …

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Champagne Cupcakes Cake Mix Recipe

New Year’s Eve, Weddings, new homes all call for Champagne. But, they also call for sweets.  By now, you know I am about easy!  I love that these New Year’s Eve cupcakes start with a boxed cake mix! These Champagne Cupcakes are the perfect combination of celebratory Pink Champagne and party-time cupcake! The glitz and …

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