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Over 30 Bread Machine Desserts

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Let’s face it: Bread machines are awesome. They make whipping up homemade bread machine desserts so much easier! You can just toss the dough ingredients inside, and then let it mix and rise the dough for you. After that, you’re good to use the dough for whatever you like, including desserts! Take a look at this list of bread machine pound cake recipes to get some ideas you can try!

Bread machines aren’t just for making your own white bread! And that’s why I’ve put together this list of delectable bread machine desserts you can bake at home! These recipes include cakes, sweet breads, and muffins that the whole family will love (to eat). 🙂

sweet and tasty bread machine desserts

When it comes to the best bread machine cake recipes and the top dessert bread machine recipes, you can’t go wrong with this list! Full of quick bread recipes that you can make with your bread machine that makes the perfect, fluffy loaves.

A lot of people just use their bread machines to make regular bread (which is totally yummy, too!) but when you can use it to make dessert bread, that’s an awesome flavor and idea! It’s the perfect way to create a dessert where you have to use minimal effort.

Can you use a bread maker for pull apart bread?

You can! Monkey bread and cinnamon rolls can be started in the bread machine without any issue! Use the kneading cycle for baked goods so that the bread is perfect.

You can then use the dough and bake it and enjoy!

The great part about using a bread machine is that it’s a simple way to make dough perfectly! A bread machine has so many different settings that it can correctly knead the dough without breaking it down or making it too tough.

easy bread machine desserts

How many different bread settings are there on bread machines?

It just depends on what type of machine you have. There is typically a cake setting, a quick bread setting, and more. There are also timers that will alert you to add in chocolate chips or nuts and fruit at various parts of the baking cycle.

This beeping will happen after you add the bread flour or all-purpose flour (or cake flour) and is a great reminder in case you’re busy! This is what I use to make cinnamon raisin bread.

What makes bread machines a great option for make dessert bread recipes?

Bread machines are a great option for creating delicious dessert bread because they allow for convenience and ease of use.

With a bread machine, making sweet loaves of cake-like quickbreads and pull-aparts can be achieved with minimal effort, as the machine handles most of the work, such as kneading and rising.

Furthermore, using a bread machine to create these sweet treats does not require special tools or expertise in baking, making it possible for anyone to make their favorite recipes at home without worrying about messy cleanups or complicated instructions.

On top of that, taking advantage of the vast array of flour types available ensures that even more diverse baking projects can be achieved with this appliance.

In conclusion, bread machines provide an accessible way to make delectable desserts that are perfect for any occasion.

How do you store bread made in a bread machine?

Bread made in a bread machine should be stored differently than traditional loaf bread. Once the bread has had time to cool, it can be placed into a large plastic zipper-type bag and frozen, if desired.

Alternatively, it can be kept at room temperature for three to five days in a food storage container to prevent the surface of the bread from drying out and becoming hard.

If keeping at room temperature, store in an area that is cool and dark because moisture and light exposure can cause staling of the loaf. It is important not to refreeze bread after it has thawed.

If your dessert bread has ingredients that could spoil by being left out at room temperature, it must be stored in the fridge.

By following these simple steps, you will ensure your freshly baked bread stays just as delicious as the day it was made!

What are some topping ideas to add to bread machine dessert bread?

When it comes to topping bread machine dessert bread, the possibilities are nearly endless. While some opt for traditional options such as butter and syrup, many creative choices can add flavor and texture.

For instance, adding fresh fruit slices like blueberries or cherries will add a natural sweetness and crunch.

Alternatively, a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar is a tasty way to elevate the flavor while providing additional crunchiness when served warm.

For an extra layer of decadence, chocolate chips make any dessert bread special, providing texture and enjoyable contrast in taste.

Finally, those with a sweet tooth may benefit from experimenting with various nut butter or honey drizzles.

Regardless of which topping one chooses, one can expect to be spoilt for choice when it comes time to enjoy the fruits (or toppings) of their labor.

Over 30 Bread Machine Desserts:

Here are some of the best bread to make at home! Once they’re done baking, just let them cool on the cooling rack and enjoy!

Over 30 Bread Machine Desserts

These bread machine desserts are fast and easy to make! Perfect for a sweet treat!

Some of these bread machines are delicious as they are but others have a lot of fun toppings! You can’t go wrong making any of them – they’re all so delicious!

simple and easy bread machine dessert recipes

See how many good bread recipes there are?! Once you add in the baking powder, 1/2 cups of flour, and all the other delicious ingredients, you get to press a button and wait for the bread to cook! It’s really as simple as that!

Which one of these easy bread recipes are you going to make first?

More Bread Machine Recipes and Resources:

Here are some other great bread resources that make crazy good bread as well!

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