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Inspirational Quotes and Sayings for Everyone

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These inspirational quotes and sayings can turn your entire day around, in a positive way!

If I am down in the dumps or floating on air, just reading a few intelligent words can flip me around or intensify my feelings.  Seriously, these are some massively simple Change Your Life Quotes to help me (and you) change the way we look at life!

If you love these, don’t forget to check out these fun Magical Unicorn Quotes Add a Little Magic to Your Day! as well! 

I cannot express enough how important it is to make sure everyone feels inspired and motivated. Everyone needs to get their inspiration from somewhere.

At the end of the day, we all need something a little different to keep us motivated. Keep reading to find inspirational quotes and sayings for everyone. 

Inspirational Quotes and Sayings for Everyone

Are you looking for inspirational quotes? Maybe you’re a college student or just a person who needs inspiration. Check out these inspirational quotes for when life gets hard. 

Quotes for people of all ages

Famous People

Jim Rohn

You may not know who Jim Rohn is, but he’s super motivating and I think you’ll love his quotes. His stuff is good for anyone who just needs a few inspirational quotes and sayings. He actually has really motivating quotes that have helped me through some hard times. He has great inspirational quotes as well.

Albert Einstein

Another motivational person to check out is Albert Einstein. These motivational quotes from Albert Einstein will get you motivated more than ever. 

Don’t miss these Simply Brilliant Albert Einstein Inspirational Quotes!

Roal Dahl

Roald Dahl is a children’s author, but his work is very inspirational and so is what he has to say. Make sure you check out his inspirational quotes

Don’t miss reading these great Roald Dahl Quotes Worth Pondering!

Maya Angelou

One of my favorite people ever is Maya Angelou and she has some of the most inspirational quotes and sayings ever! You can check out the most inspiring quotes from Maya Angelou here and be inspired. 

Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes was a famous writer that inspired many. Check out Famous Langston Hughes Quotes that can help you through the days.

General People


Are you a mom or dad of boys? Pass on these motivational quotes for boys! They will love having special quotes just for them. 

These Little Man Quotes are great, too!

Everyone will love these Funny Baby Boy Quotes to Make You Giggle!

I love this list of Uplifting Senior Quotes for Boys!


I also love that our children need motivation and inspiration from time to time. Make sure you check out these motivational quotes for children when you get the chance. 

You have to read these Memorable Mandalorian Quotes About the Child!

Don’t overlook this list of Precious Newborn Quotes To Cherish!

quotes and sayings for students, adults, kids, and more

Holidays and Special Events

Black History Month

When Black History Month rolls around, you may need some inspirational quotes to help get you through, these are your quotes. 

If you have a famous African American in your life that inspires you, check out those inspirational quotes here. 

Needing motivation? Check out these Motivational African American Quotes!

These Beautiful African American Quotes about Hope are great.

Read these Inspiring African American Quotes on Faith as well.

Here are some Awesome African American Quotes about Strength.

These African American Quotes are great for reading and remembering.

Read these Loving African American Quotes about Love.

These Motivating African American Quotes about Life are important to read.

Don’t miss out on these Great African American Quotes about Success.

Check out these Festive African American Christmas Quotes.

Don’t forget to read these Spiritual African American Good Morning Quotes to Start Your Day.

Famous African American Quotes are a great start to the day.

New Year’s 

Everyone wants to improve themselves around the New Year. These quotes are great for New Year, New You – New Year’s Quotes. And no doubt will these quotes help you to reach your goal. 

Setting goals and obtaining them can be hard, but these Goal Setting Motivational Quotes can help push you and cheer you on along the way.

Motivating Quotes for people of all ages



Inspirational quotes about love also exist and you can read those quotes here. It’s important that we all feel loved and wanted, these quotes will help you with this. 

Choose Happy Positive Quote Pretty Script Motivational26 Pieces Inspirational Fridge Magnets for Adult24 Pieces Inspirational Ballpoint Pens Motivational QuoteMaxforever Inspirational Quote Keychain Keyring Gifts Women100 Quotes That Will Change Your life



Bible General

Diving deeper together into the faith doesn’t have to be hard. These Bible Quotes for Families are great for discussions and conversations.


The Bible is where we get a lot of inspiration from, especially in Proverbs. Check out these encouraging Proverbs for students.

Or these Proverbs for students

quotes and sayings for inspiration and motivation

School Days Inspiration

Back to School

When back to school rolls around and my kids aren’t 100% sold on starting up school, I love giving them these Back to School Motivational Quotes for Students. Kids need to feel motivation too and they can when you give them the right quotes! 

College Students

Hey college students, you need to feel inspired too! Check out these

18 Inspirational Quotes for College Students

7 More Inspirational Quotes for College Students

Encourage the love of learning in your child with these Quotes for College Students about Education!

Read these Rousing and Encouraging Quotes for Students!

Once you start reading these quotes, you will feel inspired and you will want to continue reading them to draw even more inspiration. 


Surprise a Teacher! Quotes about Teaching – including free printable! I love these quotes, they’re super inspirational for the teacher in your life. 

change your life with motivating quotes

Sports Themed Famous Quotations


As a mom of boys, you may have a baseball player or two. You and your baseball player may need these inspirational baseball quotes

I love reading the list of all of these Inspiring Baseball Pitcher Quotes!

These Timeless Baseball Quotes about Life are a great read with the kids!

Everyone will appreciate these Baseball Motivational Quotes!

Basketball Quotes

Have a bball player in your family? Line these walls with some of these Basketball Quotes!

These Basketball Motivational Quotes are great for all ages!


Sometimes the football player in your life may need to feel inspired. Share these famous motivational quotes about football with them. 

Open Road Brands Babe Ruth Baseball QuoteThe Funniest Baseball Quotes: Humorous Quotations forMotivational Baseball Wall Art Retro Baseball SportsRawlings | Official League Competition Grade BaseballsInspirational Baseball Stories for Young Readers: 12Light Up Baseball - Sports Gifts for


Unicorns and other Mythical Creatures

Unicorn Motivational Quotes

When you’re feeling down, let these Unicorn Motivational Quotes be the bright spot in your day. Unicorns truly can fix everything!

Have a little one in your life that needs some fun quotes? These Unicorn Quotes for Kids are perfect!

We could all use a little inspiration from time to time and these Inspiring Unicorn Quotes truly do take the cake.

Life doesn’t always have to be so serious. These Fun and Uplifting Quotes about Unicorns are proof of that! 

Think that unicorns don’t have a sense of humor? These Funny Unicorn Quotes are certain to change your mind. 

Who doesn’t need a little magic in their lives? These Magical Unicorn Quotes are certain to make you smile. 

Inspirational Quotes and Sayings for Everyone

Fairy Quotes

This list has the BEST Fairy Quotes, ever! When you need fairy motivation, read these!

These Magical Fairy Quotes from Peter Pan will have you never wanting to grow up!

Losing a tooth is a big deal and these Tooth Fairy quotes are perfect for that very occasion.

Everyone loves a good Fairy Godmother Quote, right? If you’re needing a great quote, you need to read these.

Boys and girls love fairies but there fairy quotes are geared towards boys!

Feeling a little blue? Check out these perfectly positive fairy quotes that’ll cheer you right up!

Do you believe in magic? These mystical and magical fairy quotes will make you a believer!

Have time for a few quotes? Check out these short and sweet fairy quotes!

Need some inspiration? These inspirational fairy quotes can turn a bad day into a good one easily.

These motivating fairy quotes can help you find an extra gear in life and get moving!

Quotes You’ll Love

These Sparkle Quotes to Brighten Your Day are full of fun!

Use these Cuddles Quotes to Warm Your Soul!

I love these Iconic Star Wars Quotes About Life!

I love reading these Adorable and Inspiring Dog Quotes.

Check out this list of 25 Positive Quotes for Kids!

Everyone loves these simple and unique Puppy Quotes to Make You Smile.

I can’t get enough of these Heartwarming, Cute Short Quotes!

Don’t miss these Beautiful Godparent Quotes And Sayings!

Read through this list of Enchanting Quotes From Fairy Tales!

I love these Heart-Melting Star Wars Love Quotes!

These Dreamy Over the Moon Quotes are perfect!

These When Life Is Getting Harder Quotes are a must-read!

I love reading through this list of Transformative Quotes on Attitude!

Gather the kid and read these Christian Quotes About Family!

Check out this list of Attitude Strong Woman Quotes Inspiring Fierceness!

When it comes down to it, inspiring quotes really are a great motivator. Inspirational words can take someone from a defeated mentality to a winning mentality with ease!

All of these great quotes may just be able to brighten someone’s day and outlook on life! 

I’d say the next time you’re looking for an inspirational or motivational quote, we have you covered. What’s your favorite motivational quote?

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Friday 23rd of April 2021

One of co-workers said this to me once, I might not have it 100% as he said it but the basic gist is clear:

"You can't control what you're dealt with, you can only control how you deal with it"

I thought that was noteworthy

Kelli Miller

Tuesday 2nd of July 2024

Yes! I say to my children all the time that "you can't control what others do to you, but you can control how you react" which is the same concept. :-)