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Adorable Fairy Godmother Quotes and Sayings

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Check out these adorable Fairy Godmother Quotes and Sayings. Because when it comes down to it, don’t we all want to live in a fairy tale where dreams and magic are real? A fairy godmother plays a big role in making certain that your life is supposed to be nice and have a true fairy tale ending.

Check out the best fairy quotes about famous fairy godmother sayings. They just might lead you to your Prince Charming. Who knows? They just might make your dream come true!

fairy godmother quotes

Aren’t all fairy godmothers supposed to have a sense of humor and a way of being nice and make your feel happy thought out the day? If you’re ready for this, check out these quotes from the fairy godmother herself!

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Fairy Godmother Quotes and Sayings

Skip the royal ball and trying to squeeze your foot into a glass slipper, and put your focus on these words instead.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

Put it together and what have you got? The possibility of a little fairy granting you a wish!

I’ve got your back!

Isn’t that what a true godmother does? Has your back no matter what!

Even miracles take a little time.

And if you’re going for a real miracle, it’s totally worth the wait.

Only the best friends get promoted to Fairy Godmother.

How cool would this be? To have your best friend step in and be your fairy godmother!

Sometimes you have to believe before you can see.

This is true in most things in life. Believing is what makes the magic happen.

You are my fairy godmother.

In reality, can’t anyone be someone’s fairy godmother?

Every princess needs a fairy godmother.

True. This is where guidance and patience in learned.

Note to self: Find fairy godmother.

If you don’t have one, find one stat!

Why do you always rescue me?

Valid question but that’s the job of the fairy godmother!

Sometimes happiness is just a teardrop away.

Shedding a few tears can sometimes clear the way for the true happiness to shine.

Keep Calm and Believe in your Fairy Godmother.

Never give up hope on this!

I love you more than Cinderella loves her Fairy Godmother.

Wow! That is a lot of love!

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famous fairy godmother sayings

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