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Tooth Fairy Quotes That’ll Make You Smile

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Everyone loves the tooth fairy so it just makes sense that we all need some awesome Tooth Fairy Quotes in our lives! Losing teeth at a young age means that we’re going to wake up with money under our pillow. (by the way, does anyone know the going rate for a tooth these days?!)

No matter how you handle the tooth fairy in your house, you’re certain to find comfort in this set of the best fairy quotes.

quotes about the tooth fairy

You may just find that some of these words are quotes from the tooth fairy movie, too. When it comes to talking about the tooth fairy, kids seem to brighten up and think about the money that he or she is going to leave behind!

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Tooth Fairy Quotes:

Below you’ll find some quotes that are certain to have you showing off those pearly whites!

Be good, the tooth fairy is coming.

She’s not like Santa. She doesn’t make a list and check it twice.

The tooth fairy was here.

And you’ll know that by finding some money that was left under your pillow.

Believing in the tooth fairy is easy.

Absolutely. The thought of a little flying fairy taking away the teeth is fun to think about.

The tooth fairy is so small and friendly!

That’s a good thing! She’s cute, too!



Always show your toothy grin.

It gives the tooth fairy an idea of what he or she is working with.

I still believe in the tooth fairy.

What a coincidence. So do I!

Take my tooth and I’ll keep the money.

Seems like a totally fair trade to me.

The tooth fairy will always find your tooth.

You better believe it. The tooth fairy is skilled at the job.

The tooth fairy is so smart because of all her wisdom teeth.

Bahaha, that’s totally a mom joke. (or dad joke!)

Smile – say cheese!

Again, show off those teeth. It’s what keeps the tooth fairy in business.

She’s losing her first tooth!

Quick! That means that it’s worth more money since it’s the first one!

Brush your teeth so they’re clean for the tooth fairy.

That’s just the polite thing to do.

All for the Kids:

Since kids are the ones that believe in the tooth fairy, why not find some other fun resources and activities for them as well?

quotes about tooth fairies that are perfect pictures and scrapbooks

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