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Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

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We’ve all been there: Trying to keep an active preschooler happy and entertained while stuck indoors. Whether you’re dealing with cold weather, wet weather, or super hot weather, it’s tough to keep little ones occupied inside!

The great thing is that there are plenty of fun and educational indoor activities for preschoolers that are fun for all times of the year! Check out the list below to get some inspiration for your next indoor play date with your kids!

Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

Indoor Activities for Preschoolers:

Try these fun preschool season craft activities with your kids!

Help preschoolers learn about colors with this DIY color changing sensory bottle!

Practice visual motor skills with this indoor ring toss game!

Let your preschoolers bounce around while playing indoor cardboard hopscotch!

Did your camping trip get rained out? Learn how to go camping indoors!

Starting to learn about size? Use these simple ways to contrast big and little for preschoolers!

With just a few household ingredients, your preschoolers can do this straw necklace threading activity!

This indoor pool noodle playhouse looks like it’d make a perfect fort!

Let your little ones get their toy trucks and cars while you help them make an indoor sandbox for them to play in!

Help your kids “bake” ABC cookies to learn about letters!

Work on sight word reading skills with these fun Dolch Sight Word printables for preschoolers!

Bring winter inside with this easy indoor snow painting activity!

Let your preschooler get started in the kitchen as you bake rainbow toast together!

Give your kids a sensory experience with an indoor pom pom race!

When you build an indoor swing, your kids can get the best of the playground even in the house!

Learn about winter travel and make these indoor cardboard skis!

Help your preschoolers practice scissor skills with these ocean-themed cutting practice worksheets!

Have winter fun all year round with this snow sensory dough!

Learn about letters with this X is for xylophone craft!

With this indoor newspaper basketball activity, preschoolers can play sports inside the house!

This spaghetti sensory play activity looks like it’d keep little ones happy for hours!

Make this beautiful and simple coffee filter butterfly craft with your preschoolers!

Have some crafting fun with thispaper bead necklace for preschoolers craft!

Teach little kids to recognize colors and patterns with this paper mitten matching activity.

Build an indoor climbing wall to help your kids burn off some energy!

Make this DIY recycled marble run out of simple household garbage!

These Winter Observation Worksheets are fun to use during the cold months!

This Summer Observations Printable Pack is great for the warmer months!

Use the Fall Observations Printable Worksheet as a great way to learn about fall!

26 Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

Indoor Activities for Preschoolers Resources:

Use these fun learning resources to have some indoor fun with your preschooler!

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Saturday 28th of May 2016

Great ideas, Kelli! Definitely going to use some of these when my niece comes over!