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28 Fun Things to Do With Kids At Home For Endless Entertainment!

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Are you at home with the kids right now?

It is no secret that kids get bored way faster than adults so it is handy to have an endless list of indoor activities to keep them entertained on a rainy day!

The good thing about being at home with the kids is it’s a great opportunity for them to learn a new skill or get creative!

With this in mind, we have you covered with 28 fun things to do with kids at home, whether it is the weekend or holidays or just a rainy day, this list is sure to keep the little ones entertained.

You’ll never hear the words “Mom, I’m bored again!” At least not for a good few hours!

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Fun Things to Do With Kids At Home

Get cooking with the kids. Teaching the kids how to cook even from a young age will really set them up well for later life especially their college years! Start with an easy and fun recipe like a cupcake where they can assist you with little tasks like adding the flour and cake mix.

Teach a pet a new trick. Teaching your pet dog to sit or shake hands is sure to create hours of fun.

Friendship bracelets are always a fun idea to do indoors on a rainy day. Get some beads and tell them to make a nice bracelet for their best friend or perhaps you can make some mommy son/daughter friendship bracelets for each other!

If you have multiple kids, a game of duck duck goose never goes astray.

An alternative to the friendship bracelet idea is to make pasta necklaces with the extra pasta that you have stockpiled.

Whether you have boys or girls, making slime is always a great indoor activities for kids at home. Brownie points if you get it to glow in the dark!

Learn to juggle. Give your kids some apples or oranges and let the juggling fun begin!

Watch an educational movie. Brownie points if you make it a drive-in cinema with cardboard boxes.

Paint a work of art. Kids are far more creative than us after all!

Or perhaps finger painting would be more fun.

Have a talent show. Get each of your kids to practice their hidden talent that they can perform for you as a show over dinner.

Play a board game.

Let them play on some indoors climbing toys.

Make homemade play dough – always a hit.

Have a scavenger hunt! Hide some objects around the house with clues as to where they can find the next one. At the end they will find the hidden treasure!

Learn a yo yo trick.

Practice a magic trick to show their friends.

Pillow sumo wrestling. One for the boys.

Cardboard box coloring. I don’t know what it is but kids love cardboard boxes. Give them some crayons and they are set for hours of fun!

Give them something interesting to read that is also educational!

Do some indoor gardening, perhaps even to grow a little vegetable garden in pots on the kitchen counter. The kids will love seeing their seeds grow into plants over time.

Give them a box of goodies (sheets, toys etc) to create a makeshift rocket ship or boat. Tell them to give each toy a job and watch as they sail the 7 seas!

Make indoor smores. Dont’ pack up to quick because this makes a great date idea for later with the hubs after the kids are finished with it.

Do a Mary Poppins challenge. If your kids are old enough to appreciate a few dollars in the piggy bank, give them a fun activity around the home, like dusting in exchange for a few more dollars in the jar.

For the younger kids you might like to try a toy-washing bin for endless hours of bubbly fun! Also great sanitation!

Make an indoor cubby house with sheets. Once the kids go to bed, you can reuse the cubby as a fun date idea.

Make a family tree – get artsy with the kids and make a family tree collage. See how much about the family they know!

Teach the kids how to make paper aeroplanes or for the older kids origami!

Have a thumb wrestle.

We hope this list gave your little a few hours of indoor fun!

Have a unique at home activity for the kids that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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