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Breast Cancer Awareness Activities for Kids

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month, of course we know is during October. Breast Cancer can be such a difficult time for people. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wear PINK! A good color right? Have you told your kids about Breast Cancer? It isn’t an easy thing to discuss, especially to a child.

But honestly, children can be very understanding, especially when it comes to helping others. This month, teach your kids about Breast Cancer Awareness Month with these Breast Cancer Awareness Activities for Kids. Do something yourself that can help people who struggle with it. There are many different things, too. WEAR PINK!

Breast Cancer Awareness Activities for Kids

Breast Cancer Awareness Activities

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let your children create art work. Whether you think it has anything to do with breast cancer or not, it does. There are many crafts and activities that are just the color PINK. The crafts don’t necessarily have to be about breast cancer.

Just supporting and using the color PINK can go a long way, or you can let your child decorate their pink craft, and you can give them to people who suffer with or survived Breast Cancer. Here are a few breast cancer awareness activities and craft ideas for your children.

bca crafts for kids

This Pink Snail Craft is so adorable and fun to make!

Combine breast cancer awareness and fall with this Pink Pumpkin Craft!

Scented play dough is a wonderful sensory activity for kids. Whip up this Pink Peppermint Play Dough!

Make this Pink Flowers and Beads Ornament with your kids and hang it outside to show your support!

Freeze these super cute Pink Heart Milk Cubes and serve them in a glass of milk!

Make a batch of Pink Sparkly Slime and play with it together!

Put this Pink Flowers and Fairies Sensory bin out for your young children to play with!

Print these BCA Coloring Pages and let the kids color away!

Use this P is for Pink Printable to support breast cancer awareness with your kids!

Play this Breast Cancer Awareness Game!

If you are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness, and maybe you don’t want to have pink hair, how about pink food? SCORE! Try these awesome pink recipes. They are super cute, and of course pink, supporting Cancer.

bca recipes

This Breast Cancer Awareness Shortbread looks delicious!

Make up a batch of these Breast Cancer Awareness Cookies and have a bake sale! You can donate the proceeds to your local breast cancer charity.

This Pink Passion Pie is both yummy and pretty!

Kids will love making and eating this Pink and White Coconut Fudge!

Share some of this Pink Chocolate Popcorn with your kids’ schoolmates and teachers!

Bake up these Pink Lemonade Cookies for a block party!

These Pink Candy Apples would be wonderful gifts for your neighbors!

Bake these lovely BCA Pink Macaroons to support Breast Cancer Awareness at home!

If you don’t exactly know how to go about talking to your kids about Breast Cancer, there are many things that can help explain it. Get your kids involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

These links will help a lot.

Breast Cancer Awareness Activities for Adults

Last but not least, try out these super cute crafts for YOU to do.

Use your old wine bottles for something good and make these Breast Cancer Awareness Wine Bottle Crafts!

These Breast Cancer Awareness Paracord Bracelets would be so much fun for preteens to make with Mom!

Make this beautiful BCA Pumpkin and place it on your front porch!

Do you know how to crochet? Make this lovely Breast Cancer Awareness Crochet Scarf!

Let your neighbors know you support BCA research all year by hanging this Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath n your door!

More Breast Cancer Awareness Resources:

Use these resources to help kids want to learn more about breast cancer awareness!

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