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Summer Fun Activity Pack for Lower Elementary

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This Summer Fun Activity Pack for Lower Elementary will help your lower elementary aged children work on their learning skills! 

Lower Elementary is PreK-3rd grade, so grab your student and give them this packet! Learning during the summer months is such an important thing to do!

Don’t let your kids fall behind this summer, give them the gift of learning. This summer pack works great for homeschoolers too! 

summer themed activity worksheets for Lower Elementary Kids

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some free learning worksheets and printables, plus other resources to help you plan your Summer Study.  I hope you find these homeschooling freebies useful for you in your homeschool classes!

Summer Fun Activity Pack for Lower Elementary

Are you looking for a summer fun activity pack for lower elementary? You’ve come to the right place! Learning during the summer months is just as important as during the school year. You’ll want to check out ALL the resources in this activity pack. 

The Lower Elementary Page Workbook Includes:

Tracing – When it comes to learning, tracing is a big deal because it teaches kids HOW to write. There are tons of tracing resources in this workbook. 

Problem Solving – Kids need to learn how to problem solve and they can do this thanks to the summer workbook. These summer learning kids activities will be something you really enjoy doing with your kids. 

STEM Challenge – Any math or science included in a workbook can help your kid learn more. This summer fun pack rocks! It’s not everyday you can get your hands on free summer learning resources. 

Graphing – I mean what kiddo doesn’t love to learn about graphing? This summer activity pack includes that! Can you really complain about a free printable? I think not! 

More FREE Educational Resources:

8 Summer Activity Worksheets for Lower Elementary

Enhance Your Summer Learning:

If you’re looking for more fun items to help your child learn this summer, check out my top picks from Amazon! It’s amazing how many resources are out there for kids! 

My Favorite Learning Books for Kids

  1. Handwriting Printing – This is such a great book for kids to practice their handwriting in the summer months! 
  2. Summer Bridge Activities – These workbooks work wonders for lower elementary kids in the summer months! 
  3. Math Basics – Another one to add to your summer bucket list is Math Basics. You don’t want to forget about math in the summer months either. 

Educational Summer Learning Goodies for Kids

    1. I love these educational placemats for kids. They can even learn while they’re eating. 
    2.  The Summer Bridge Activities will help your kids process their emotions about learning extra this summer. 
    3. These Summer Bridge Activities will help your kiddos stack away some knowledge this summer. 

summer themed activity worksheets for Lower Elementary Kids

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