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Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas (free printable)

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Celebrating and decorating for Earth Day just got easier with these Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas! All you have to do is print and decorate your space. It’s always a good time to showcase the importance of the Earth by finding ways to celebrate Earth Day!

This printable packet is perfect for teachers or homeschoolers who want a bit of decoration on their bulletin board areas.

Earth Day is coming up this month on April 22nd!  Be sure to create a bulletin board to educate the kids about the environment and inspire them to lend a hand and give back to the environment. 

How can I teach kids the importance of recycling?

Teaching children the importance of recycling is essential for preserving resources and protecting the environment.

Start by providing real-life examples demonstrating how a small act like recycling can significantly impact our planet; for instance, explain to kids how aluminum cans take over 80 years to decompose and how this could cause significant damage to ecosystems if cans are not recycled.

Show videos or photographs of some of the consequences of excessive waste in our oceans or landfills and pictures of beautiful natural spaces that have been protected thanks to effective recycling efforts.

Finally, invite children to be proactive: encourage them to brainstorm ideas on recycling more, such as teaching their parents or siblings the importance of separating materials or collecting recyclables from their neighborhood park.

Seeing the positive effects of their initiatives will help motivate kids to keep doing what is right for our planet!

Is there a recycling game that I can play with the kids?

Playing a game to teach kids about recycling is a great way to promote sustainability. Plenty of options are available, depending on your interests and the ages of your children.

One popular option is “The Recycling Game,” which challenges players to sort items into bins labeled with the three basic types of recycling: paper, plastic, and metal.

Another game called “Adventures in Recycling” takes players through different scenarios where they must determine which materials can and cannot be recycled.

Whatever game you choose will surely help your children learn more about this important topic and provide some fun for the whole family.

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What are fun ways to decorate bulletin boards?

You have options for adding themed decorations to your bulletin boards. You can use any ideas or inspiration below to help you get started!

Some ideas could be:

Have your board focus on recycled materials

You can attach milk carton and aluminum cans to the board.  This will give the kids a visual of what they can do to help. 

They will realize they can recycle their juice container instead of just throwing them in the trash. 

Include pictures of a recycle bin in your house and a recycling center where products can be taken if not picked up from your home. 

Educate the kids on water waste

Provide at least three ways the kids can help reduce water waste, such as turning off the water when brushing their teeth and using the dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand. 

Include pictures of kids brushing their teeth and filling a dishwasher to add to the board. 

Show how pollution is hurting the earth

You can show images of the earth as it is now and the earth as it could be if not taken care of. 

These can be pictures of polluted lakes and streams compared to clean water. 

Or you can use a picture of an earth with blue water and green continents as the central part of your board and a smaller earth with brown water and continents (varying shades of brown) on the lower section of your board.

Show kids all the great things they could do to help the environment

Show pictures of kids riding their bikes to the park instead of taking the car or planting a tree.  You can even make this type of board interactive. 

You can attach small pieces of blank paper to the board so that the kids can write down their environmentally friendly idea and attach them to the board. 

This is an excellent way for the kids to get creative with their ideas!

Include the green “recycle circle” on your board

Teach the kids to become aware of the symbol and what it means. Talk to them about where to look for the symbol on items from the store so that they know what can and can’t be recycled.

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Earth Day is a great time to get the kids educated and hopefully excited about how they can help the earth and show them what will happen if we don’t start doing these things. 

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