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Kids Contact Paper Crafts

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As more advanced crafting supplies have come on the market, classic crafting materials have kind of fallen by the wayside. But there are plenty of ways to use low-cost, easy materials to make crafts with kids!

One of those classic crafting supplies is contact paper. And, even though we live in the age of the Internet, kids still enjoy making things on their own.  That is why your children will love these Kids Contact Paper Crafts!

Fun Things for Kids to Do with Contact Paper

Fun Things For Kids To Do With Contact Paper

If you’re stumped as to how to use this with your children, read this list of fun things for kids to do with contact paper! You’re sure to find something you and your child will enjoy making!

contact paper crafts for kids to make

Where to buy contact paper for crafts?

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Contact Paper Crafts for Kids

How do contact paper activities help to work on fine motor skills?

In early childhood development, contact paper activities emerge as a hidden gem, meticulously weaving the threads of playfulness with the crucial acquisition of fine motor skills.

With each use, their fingers feel the paper’s adhesive and have them grasping, releasing, and smoothing down materials using tactile feedback and dexterity. This unassuming activity, often overlooked in an age where screens clamor for our attention, is instrumental in nurturing the pincer grip and hand-eye coordination.

It prepares tiny hands for a lifetime of tasks, from buttoning shirts to wielding pencils, all while cloaked in the guise of simple, whimsical fun.

Contact paper endeavors lay the foundation for children to grasp the pen of their future, scripting a narrative of independence and skill.

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Is contact paper just sticky paper?

Beneath the simple facade of contact paper lies a world of creative potential, a realm where this self-adhesive marvel transforms everyday objects. Far from being mere sticky paper, contact paper is a decorator’s secret weapon, a DIY enthusiast’s best friend, and an organizer’s ally.

With patterns and textures that can mimic everything from natural wood grain to sophisticated marble, it turns bland surfaces into style statements. Beyond aesthetics, it provides a protective layer, resisting moisture and wear with surprising durability.

This humble roll is not just an adhesive afterthought; it unlocks endless possibilities, turning the mundane into the magnificent with just a peel and a press.

Contact paper challenges the imaginative soul: what will you reinvent today?

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What craft supplies should I keep on hand for kids of all ages?

Keeping a treasure trove of craft supplies ready can transform an ordinary afternoon into a whirlwind of creativity for kids of all ages.

Stock your shelves with colorful construction paper, the canvas for myriad imaginative projects. Jars of vibrant paints, a rainbow of markers, and an array of crayons are staple tools that invite self-expression. Don’t forget the glue sticks and safety scissors, crucial for young crafters honing their fine motor skills.

Add texture to their creations with assorted pom poms, stickers, and yarn. For those with a penchant for sparkles, a sprinkle of glitter or sequins can dazzle any creation.

For the environmentally conscious, keeping a box filled with recyclable items like egg cartons, paper rolls, and bottle caps can encourage creativity while instilling the value of repurposing.

The key is to curate a diverse selection that appeals to every age, fostering an environment where imaginations can roam free, and masterpieces come to life.

Other simple crafts to keep on hand could be: 

  • Cotton balls
  • Foam shapes
  • Pipe cleaners

Why is sensory play an excellent idea for kids?

Sensory play isn’t just child’s play; it’s a vibrant gateway to cognitive growth, where children’s fingertips brush the textures of imagination and innovation.

It’s where squishy sponges, gritty sands, and slick water beads become the tools of discovery, teaching kids about the world through the buzz of tactile experiences. Through sensory play, children explore and organically understand the physics of squeezing, the chemistry of mixing, and the sheer joy of creating.

With every squeeze, scoop, and splash, children build neural pathways that link the rich tapestry of real-world interactions with the boundless universe of their minds, fostering an early love for learning that can light up their developmental path.

Science whispers and colors sing in these moments of play, proving that messy can be magical, and playtime is the fertile ground from which the seeds of knowledge sprout and flourish.

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​What is creative crafting, and is it important? 

Creative crafting is an excellent way for kids to create fun ideas they’re thinking about! And the best part, there are no rules. Creative crafting can be used for rainy days or when you’re looking for an easy way for the kids to create great things. 

​Having craft projects in mind for the kids to do the next time it’s craft time is great – but don’t forget that they’ll love to be able to create their masterpieces as well! Once they make the finished product, they’ll want you to show everyone their fantastic fun and creation! 

And that’s the beauty of creative crafting with kids. 

Learning Printables and Activities

These are excellent resources for kids! They’ll love being a part of the learning process from start to finish.

Fun Things For Kids To Do With Contact Paper

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Resources to Make Contact Paper Crafts

Stock up on contact paper to make these and other fun contact paper crafts with your kids!

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