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Winter Observation Worksheets

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These Winter Observation Worksheets are great for the kids. It’s an easy way to print out pages to let the kids right down their thoughts and observations. Looking for more winter fun? Check out our Indoor Activities for Preschoolers as well.

Looking forward to the change in season is so much fun! This worksheet helps your little one express thoughts, emotions, and things they’re excited about!

The great part about having worksheets like this is that it allows the kids to observe and make their own thoughts.

Worksheets like this are the perfect way to finalize a learning object to teach them that observations are unique and different. Since this worksheet is about winter, this will also be a great way to teach them to observe other times of the year.

Why is it important to teach kids observation skills? 

Teaching observation skills to kids is essential for developing a curious and investigative mind. As these skills are put into practice, children can begin to identify patterns and develop relationships between observed phenomena as they interact with their environment.

This capacity to understand the relationships between objects, events, and ideas provides a strong foundation in problem-solving and decision-making, two critical elements of success.

Furthermore, teaching children to observe their surroundings actively helps them focus their attention on the task at hand and can help foster independence in learning.

Overall, cultivating observation skills early on gives kids the tools they need to inquire about the world around them – providing a platform for knowledge acquisition that will follow them into adulthood.

What it includes:

This fun winter printable includes varied sections that are broken apart for them to complete and do.

These sections include:

  • favorite things about winter
  • weather observations
  • winter descriptions
  • and more!

Each section will challenge them to think outside the box in a whole new way – and get a new appreciation for winter, too!



Fun ways to use this printable:

This printable is wonderful as it is, but make sure to think of outside-the-box things that can help them continue to grow and learn.

If you need a few fun ideas, I recommend trying out some of the options below!

Have a winter scavenger hunt

Nothing can spruce up a cold winter day like a good scavenger hunt! Scavenger hunts are popular activities that can stimulate creativity, promote problem-solving skills, and exercise critical thinking – all of which can make for an exciting and fun winter day.

The best part about a winter scavenger hunt is that it does not require much planning or preparation and can be adjusted to fit the interests of any group.

For example, one could construct a list of outdoor items that would need to be collected, such as leaves, pine cones, sticks, etc.

At the same time, another group may decide on something with more of an indoor focus, like finding different colored mittens or books written by authors with the same first name.

Whichever direction you take your scavenger hunt, it will provide hours of fun and excitement for those involved.

Have an outdoor winter play date

Inviting children to an outdoor playdate in winter can bring some fun and life into a cold, grey day. Utilizing the unique and ever-changing environment of cold weather, parents can create activities and opportunities that would not be available during any other time of year.

Though it is necessary to dress appropriately for the weather, many activities can be enjoyed, from building a snowman together to engaging in a friendly snowball fight.

For those who are really brave, there is always the option of creating eye-catching art out of frosty landscapes.

With so much to enjoy and explore, arranging an outdoor playdate in the winter months can be an experience that adds color and enjoyment to what could otherwise be a season filled with boredom.

Draw winter pictures

Drawing winter pictures can be an enjoyable and stimulating activity. It gives an individual a creative outlet to express their feelings and thoughts while also providing an opportunity to relax.

By accessing different art materials such as acrylic paints, colored pencils, glitter, glue, and more, one can create unique artwork that introduces powerful visual elements into the drawings.

Moreover, drawing winter pictures provides the ideal space for experimenting with composition and form in ways that would otherwise prove difficult in traditional painting techniques.

Thus, by engaging in this activity regularly, individuals may enjoy self-expression and relaxation within a singular artistic process.

What are some fun things for kids to observe during winter? 

Winter can be a wonderful season for children, as it offers ample observation and learning opportunities. Kids can take walks outside to observe different animal species adjusting to the colder temperatures and watch tracks in the snow left by wild and domesticated animals.

Birdwatching is also a hobby that kids can enjoy in winter, with many beautiful species returning from their seasonal migrations; this creates a perfect opportunity to identify and learn about them.

With the right gear, kids can go cross-country skiing, creating an even more exciting way to explore and observe their environment.

Finally, they can build a snowman as an exercise in physics and engineering; even something as simple as rolling balls of snow around to create the body parts helps build their problem-solving skills.

Why do kids love the winter months?

Winter presents a delightful array of possibilities for children. Not only can they experience the joys of snow days and time spent with friends making snowmen, but winter also presents opportunities to learn about the natural environment and its captivating beauty.

Kids of all ages can revel in winter’s exciting opportunities- from skiing and sledding to ice skating and hot cocoa. Parents, too, can join in on the adventure by teaching children about winter’s wonders and sparking their inquisitive minds with questions about weather patterns and seasonal changes.

The colder months allow everyone to embrace a change in the landscape and appreciate creativity, outdoor exploration, and family-centered activities.

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Why is it important to have kids observing the changing seasons?

Exploring the changing seasons can be an essential learning experience for children. From noticing patterns in the weather to observing differences in flora and fauna, children can gain a greater appreciation for and understanding of their environment.

Children may discover interesting facts about native species or learn the signs of approaching storms. They may also note new wildlife that appears during different times throughout the year, such as hummingbirds in springtime, and observe how sunlight changes throughout the day in different months.

By appreciating how nature interacts with its surroundings and changes accordingly, children will become more conscious of their relationship with their natural surroundings – from protecting endangered species to engaging responsibly in outdoor activities like camping, gardening, or hiking.

Ultimately, having kids observe the changing seasons provides a meaningful educational opportunity that helps build lasting bonds with nature and encourages environmentally-friendly behaviors.

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