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22 Fresh Pineapple Recipes {March Seasonal Fruit}

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Pineapple choosing and cutting can be a bit tricky, but don’t let that persuade you to avoid these delicious sounding fresh pineapple recipes! In March, pineapple is in season.  That means they are at their peak in flavor and price!  Visit your local farmer’s market and grab a few.  Then, come home and try out these sweet and savory fresh pineapple recipes! Be sure to check out my 17 Easy Mango Recipes {April Seasonal Fruit} Story for more fruit ideas!

Cooking with fresh pineapple adds such a great flavor and taste to recipes! Pairing with pineapple is a fun way to expand your cooking options!

Over 20 Fresh Pineapple Recipes

Don’t panic!  Faith Filled Food explains to us how to choose and cut pineapple!  Plus, Chaos is Bliss has a great tip for an easy way to core a pineapple!

If you’re wondering if pineapple goes well with what fruit recipes, you’re going to love the tasty choices below. The health benefits of pineapple chunks and pineapple slices are so great!

Fresh (and canned) Pineapple Recipes:

Fresh Pineapple Recipes

These fresh pineapple recipes are a great way to add more fresh pineapple to your days!

Can I use fresh or canned pineapple?

Yes, it’s up to you! You can choose to use fresh pineapple, but canned pineapple works as well! Choose what you like and what is the most cost-effective.

Can I use frozen pineapple?

For some of these recipes, you might be apple to use frozen pineapple, but fresh is best for a lot of them.

Fresh pineapple just has such a flavor and is so tender and sweet! Sometimes frozen fruit loses a bit of its flavor once it’s been frozen too long.

How long does pineapple stay good for?

Fresh pineapple actually stays good for up to 5 days. You’ll notice that it’s starting to go bad by the coloring and look of it.

The best way to keep it as fresh as possible for as long as possible is to store it in an airtight container and keep it stored in the fridge.

More Fresh (and canned) Pineapple Recipe Resources:

As if the above 22 recipes aren’t enough, here is a cookbook geared strictly towards fresh pineapple recipes.

Having cookbooks is a great way to get new recipe ideas for the ingredients that are sitting in your house. (or just come back to the blog and get what you’re looking for. I have so many recipes on here to help!)

No fresh pineapple and still want to make these?  No worries!  You can substitute!

  • 1 medium pineapple, peeled and cored = about 5 cups, cubed
  • 2 pounds of whole, fresh pineapple = about 3 cups, cubed

More substitutions can be found at About Pineapples!

Who knew that using fresh pineapple could happen in so many different ways? If you’re a pineapple fan, you’re not going to want to miss out on any of these dishes!

Which one of these pineapple recipes are you planning on starting with first?

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Tuesday 24th of March 2015

I think I love pineapple more the older I get. I have never come across a page of pineapple recipes and ideas in one place. Really great post, thank you for putting it together. I have been inspired. More pineapple in receipts is a great way to celebrate the summer.

Kelli Miller

Tuesday 24th of March 2015

Right!? Be sure to let me know if you try one of these recipes and what you think :-)

Miz Helen

Monday 24th of March 2014

Great collection of recipes! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome recipes with Full Plate Thursday and have a great week! Come Back Soon! Miz Helen


Sunday 23rd of March 2014

Every one of these sounds yummy!

Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!


Monday 17th of March 2014

Bacon and pineapple stuffed cheeseburgers sound WONDERFUL! Gotta try 'em. Thanks for the collection of pineapple recipes, Kelli. Posted it to my "Excellent Roundups" page on Pinterest.

shari lynne @ faith filled food for moms

Thursday 13th of March 2014

YUM! YUM! YUM! We love Pineapple! Thanks for including my recipes Kelli and Ooooh I can't wait to try some of the others! Deeelish!