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3rd Grade Spelling Worksheets

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It’s easy to think that spelling isn’t a subject we really need to teach kids anymore – what with auto-correct and all. But it’s still important for children to learn how to spell on their own. After all, most employers don’t accept resumes written in textspeak. 🙂

So I’m always on the lookout for 3rd grade spelling worksheets that will be great for elementary-aged kids and I’ve rounded up several here today! Some of these have been featured right here on my site and some come from other educational websites, so there’s a lot of variety to choose from.

Looking for more resources to teach spelling? Check out this list of free spelling games for kids to help them practice!

3rd Grade Spelling Worksheets

Why is it important to learn 3rd grade spelling words?

There are so many important words for kids to learn! Once they learn their sight words, they’ll want to continue to keep learning new words as well. Some of the spelling activities below are a simple printable worksheet while others can be easily added to lesson plans. 

​Learning a correctly spelled word is important for third grade students, and these activities are great for young children to help with language skills. They’ll learn the base word, short words, and get extra practice for the correct spelling of a lot of words. 

These printable activities showcase a list of words to help kids understand a common spelling pattern and to help with phonemic awareness. 

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3rd Grade Spelling Worksheets for Kids:

1. These Third Grade Printable Spelling Words are a nice introduction to spelling longer words!

2. These Emoji Spelling Word Lists look so fun! Kids will love them!

3. Use this Climb the Ladder Spelling Game for any grade level, including 3rd grade!

4. Does your kid like Minecraft? Pick up these fun Minecraft Spelling Worksheets!

5. Get ready for spelling for the year with this 3rd Grade Printable Spelling Curriculum!

6. Pick up these Free Spelling Test Printables for weekly assessments!



7. Not sure which words to teach your third grader? These 3rd Grade Spelling Word Lists can help!

8. Kids who love the movie Frozen will love these Frozen-Themed Spelling Worksheets!

9. Third grade is when kids start to learn how to spell some words with hidden letters. Pick up this 3rd Grade Tricky Words Worksheet to get started!

10. This handy Homophones Printable Chart is great for learning how to spell words with the same sound!

3rd grade spelling worksheets

11. Here are some more 3rd Grade Spelling Word Lists to use with your third grader!

12. This printable Connect Four Spelling Practice game is great for drills!

13. Use these cute LEGO-Themed Spelling Test Printables with your kids at test time!

14. Work on building compound words with this 3rd Grade Compound Words Spelling Worksheet!

15. This printable Spelling Curriculum for Third Grade helps kids master basic vocabulary words for their grade level!

16. Spelling is a big help in learning how to use the dictionary. This printable Third Grade Alphabetizing Practice can help kids alphabetize words!

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17. Need a single list of 3rd grade spelling worksheets to practice? This 3rd Grade Master Spelling List is perfect!

18. Some kids have trouble identifying cursive versions of letters. Since kids often learn to write cursive in third grade, these Cursive and Print Letter Matching Worksheets will come in handy!

19. Remember that rule “I before E, except after C”? Use this Third Grade I-E Spelling Worksheet to help kids master it!

20. These Printable Third Grade Spelling Worksheets are good for daily spelling practice!

3rd Grade Spelling Worksheets for Kids

3rd Grade Spelling Worksheets and Resources:

These Amazon affiliate resources are excellent for 3rd grade spelling practice!

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Laura Dougis

Friday 1st of June 2018

Hie, This Is Good


Thursday 10th of May 2018

These spelling worksheets are such a great resource for helping them learn to spell properly. It is great to find ways to make spelling more fun. Thanks!