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Over 40 Awesome Dessert Recipes

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What’s a meal without dessert? The problem, though, is that we can get stuck making the same desserts over and over again, simply because we can’t think of anything else to make.

If you’re stumped for a new dessert to serve, browse this list of over 40 awesome dessert recipes! There are kid-friendly desserts, mouthwatering desserts, elegant desserts, and healthy desserts – all here for you to try! If you decide to make one, let me know how it goes!

Awesome Dessert Recipes

Be sure to check out my Super Bowl Sunday Desserts for even more fun treats!

Over 40 Awesome Dessert Recipes:

Awesome Dessert Recipes

If you're going to make desserts, start with this list! You won't be sorry!

Over 40 Awesome Dessert Recipes

Supplies to Make Awesome Dessert Recipes:

Ready to whip up some awesome dessert recipes for your family? These resources will help you prepare!

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Saturday 6th of April 2013

Hi, new follower here!!! I absolutely LOVE your blog! Its delicious!!! We definitely have some things in common! I found you from the UBP13 and I would love for you to come by and follow me at my blog Have a blessed Day!


Sunday 7th of April 2013

Thanks so much for stopping by, Elizabeth! What kinds of things do we have in common?