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Delaware Crafts for Kids

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Despite its small size, Delaware is full of fun facts, people, and places that you use for a homeschooling unit study.

When you’re planning a unit on this Northeastern state, be sure to include these easy Delaware crafts for kids! There are projects here about the state’s landforms, animals, and cities!

This would also pair up wonderfully with our States Unit Study as well.

15 plus delaware state themed crafts for kids

The more that you can talk to your child about the different states and learn about them, the better! They’ll love to explore and learn right along with you.

And if you want more ideas for teaching geography to your kids, grab this free World Oceans Labeling Activity!

What is the state nickname of Delaware?

The state of Delaware actually has a few different nicknames but one of them is “The Small Wonder”. Just because it’s small – don’t underestimate it!

What is the state bird of Delaware?

The kids will love to do research on the Delaware state bird, which is a Blue Hen. See what make them different from other breeds of hens as well.

Delaware Crafts for Kids

This list of crafts is a great way to talk about the state of Delaware with your kids. The more learning, the better!

There are so many fun crafts that the kids can do that are all related to Delaware. Use this time to have fun, be creative, and then have conversations about what the state is known for and how it differs from other states as well.

over 15 crafts about delaware geography and history

Which of these Delaware crafts for kids do you think they’re going to want to do first?

More Delaware State Resources:

Have you ever been to Delaware? Do you have any ideas for fun and simple Delaware crafts for kids to try? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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