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New Mexico Crafts for Kids

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New Mexico is located in the American Southwest. Because of its long history (people were living there long before Europeans explored North America), New Mexico is rich in culture. Which makes it a fascinating state to learn about with the kids!

As you study this U.S. state, try some of the following New Mexico crafts for kids! Several of the projects below feature Native American culture, while others highlight the state’s wildlife and natural features. The kids are sure to love them all!

Once you’ve shared some of these art ideas with your children, be sure to check out these Nevada crafts for kids for more Southwest crafting fun!

New Mexico Crafts for Kids

New Mexico Crafts for Kids:

1. New Mexico’s state mammal is the American black bear. Use black paint to make this super cute Paper Plate Bear Craft!

2. Show your kids how Native Americans lived in New Mexico with this easy Native American Small World they can explore!

3. The state food of New Mexico is the chile pepper. (If you love spicy food, it’s easy to see why.) Let the kids help you make this adorable Chile Pepper Footprint Craft!

4. The clay pottery of the Pueblo tribe is world-famous. Learn how to make clay pottery of your own with this DIY Pueblo Pottery Craft!

New Mexico Crafts for Kids to Try

5. Use an old paper bag to create this Native American Vest Craft the kids can actually wear!

6. Chipmunks are native to New Mexico and can often be seen running around outside. This Paper Bag Chipmunk Craft is too cute for words!

7. Thanks to its clear skies, New Mexico is a wonderful place to stargaze. Several astronomical observatories are located throughout the state and scientists work there to study the night sky. Pick up these Printable Constellation Cards and do some indoor stargazing!

8. The porcupine is another animal that’s native to New Mexico. Your children will love gobbling up this cool Porcupine Kids’ Snack!

New Mexico Crafts for Kids to Make

What New Mexico crafts for kids can you think of? Do you have any art projects that highlight the history or culture of the Southwest? Share your ideas in the comments!

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