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Preparing Your Autistic Son for High School

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Preparing your autistic son for high school is never something that happens overnight. It takes time and planning, to do it properly.

Keep reading, for a few tips on how to get started preparing your autistic son for school.

high school prep tips for your autistic son

Preparing Your Autistic Son for High School:

Consider All Options

While it isn’t true in every case, you may have more than one school to choose from when Preparing Your Autistic Son for High School. If so, consider all options carefully. The best example of this is probably private school versus public school. Each one typically has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Visit the Campus when Preparing Your Autistic Son for High School

If possible, visit your son’s high school more than once, before the new year begins. Focus on one specific area during each visit. This might be the cafeteria, the gym, the library, general classrooms, etc. Take pictures of the school and draw a map as well.

Inquire About a Buddy System

Find out if the school has any type of buddy or mentor system in place. If not, request that something be put together specifically for your son. Having a buddy makes it easier for many students to adapt to a new learning environment. There’s nothing like a friendly face in a sea of people you’ve never met.

Discuss Adaptive Equipment Needs

There may be adaptive equipment, not used at home, that would be very beneficial in helping your son succeed at high school. Discuss the possibility with teachers and other school administrators. They may have suggestions that you haven’t considered.

Consider a Personal Care Assistant

Many autistic children are assigned a personal care assistant, starting in elementary school. Of course, hiring an aide such as this is a possibility in high school as well.

This doesn’t mean the assistant needs to follow your son around all day if he doesn’t want and/or require constant help. After all, independence is extremely important. However, it does mean that help is always on standby.

As mentioned above, you can’t wait until the last minute to prepare your autistic son for high school. Remember, it’s always best to ease into things. It makes it more comfortable and less scary for everyone involved. You can do this!

Sharing is caring!