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Thanksgiving Greater Than Less Than Worksheets

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These Thanksgiving Printables: Greater Than, Less Than Worksheets will help your first and second-grade children work on more, less, greater than, and less than concepts. 

While helping your young child decide which has more, be sure to use the language of “is this one greater than this one?”  or “is this one less than this one” <– just examples!

So whether you’re looking for some last-minute review before the big test or just some fun Thanksgiving-themed math activities, these printables have you covered.

I have been sharing some free Thanksgiving Printables and other resources to help you plan your Thanksgiving Unit Study.  I hope you find these homeschooling freebies useful for you in your homeschool classes!

Thanksgiving is not very far off – enhance your homeschooling adventures or your afterschool teachings with these adorable Thanksgiving themed worksheets.

How to Use These Thanksgiving Printables to Teach Math Concepts

Thanksgiving is a great time to teach kids about math concepts such as more, less, greater than, and less than. And what better way to do it than with Thanksgiving printables? These printables are not only fun, but they’re also educational. See above for an example of what the printables look like.

What Math Concepts Will These Printables Teach?

These printables make learning math concepts fun and engaging, and they’re also great for review.

By utilizing these sheets, your child will learn more and less math concepts as well as “greater than and less than” math concepts.

Why is it important for children to learn more & less concepts?

The “more or less” math concept is an important one for children to learn for a number of reasons.

First, it helps them to develop an understanding of numbers and how they can be used to compare quantities.

Second, it helps them to understand the meaning of symbols such as “<” and “>.”

Third, it helps them to understand the relationship between addition and subtraction.

By understanding the “more or less” math concept, children will be better equipped to solve problems involving these concepts.

In addition, this understanding will lay the foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts that children will encounter as they continue their education.



Why is it important for children to learn greater than & less than concepts?

The concept of “greater than or less than” is an important building block for understanding more complex mathematical concepts. It helps children to understand the relative size of numbers and how they can be compared.

Additionally, comparing numbers is essential for solving many everyday problems. For example, when choosing between two different sizes of ice cream cones, it is necessary to understand which one is larger.

Furthermore, the greater than or less than concept is often used in word problems, so identifying this relationship can help children better understand and solve math problems.

In short, grasping the “greater than or less than” concept is crucial for success in mathematics in school and real-world situations.

Fun ways to use this printable:

This math activity is great for the kids but think outside the box to have more learning fun! Below are just a few ideas to have the kids try.

Draw a thanksgiving turkey

Turn the paper over and have the kids do their best to draw a big turkey and a little turkey. Then have then use the greater than sign to point to which size is larger.

Create math problems comparing numbers

Once they get the hang of this learning activity, make your own and then have the kids solve them. You can have a blast creating even more learning problems for them.

Make Thanksgiving number cards

Take a cue from the worksheet and make some math number cards. This is a fun way to have math learning in a fast-paced form.

Does math work on handwriting skills?

The correlation between mathematics and handwriting skills has been a topic of interest in recent years. While some may argue that there is a clear relationship, others believe that the two skills operate independently.

Nevertheless, research has shown that there are certain similarities in the underlying cognitive processes required for both mathematics and handwriting.

For instance, both skills demand attention to detail, spatial awareness, and the ability to manipulate symbols. This suggests that strengthening one skill is likely to positively affect the other.

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More FREE Thanksgiving Printables Resources:

Thanksgiving is a special time of year to celebrate all that we are thankful for. One fun way to teach kids about thankfulness is through a Thanksgiving Unit Study.

These resources include worksheets, coloring pages, crafts, and more. With these resources, you can create a fun and educational unit study that your kids will enjoy.

So if you’re looking for some great Thanksgiving learning activities, be sure to check out these free printables and other resources.

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Educational Thanksgiving Goodies for Kids

Here are a few great resources that can be paired with the learning worksheets or used on their own. It’s always a good idea to have activities to work on and resources for the kids.

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Thanksgiving Books for Kids

If you need a few good holiday-themed books, check out these options. Encouraging the kids to read is a great way to help them work on their focus skills and reading skills.

These are just a few book options, but there are plenty more to choose from!

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