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Arizona Crafts for Kids

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The state of Arizona is home to expansive deserts, all kinds of wildlife (including some deadly species), and beautiful rock formations. It’s a great state to study with kids and that’s why these Arizona crafts for kids would make terrific art projects to share with your family!

When you study geography with kids, it can get kind of boring. So adding hands-on activities, such as these United States crafts, can really help the kids get interested in the lesson and remember what they learn! Try some of these simple crafts to learn more about the flora and fauna of Arizona!

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Arizona Crafts for Kids

Arizona Crafts for Kids:

1. Arizona’s state amphibian is the tree frog. Show kids what one of these animals looks like and then make this neat Red-Eyed Tree Frog Paper Plate Mask that kids can wear!

2. Thanks to its deserts, Arizona’s wilderness features plenty of cactus plants. In the fact, the Saguaro Cactus Blossom is the official state flower. Try this beautiful Black Glue Cactus Craft to make your own cactus flowers!

3. The Phoenix Suns NBA basketball team is based in Phoenix, Arizona. If your kids like basketball, they’ll love making this easy Coffee Filter Basketball craft!

4. Bats are native to Arizona, particularly in the desert. Gather up some black paper to make these super cute DIY Bat Corner Bookmarks!

Arizona Crafts for Kids to Try

5. The ridge-nosed rattlesnake is Arizona’s state reptile. Break out the bubble wrap to make this neat coiled Paper Plate Snake Craft!

6. Vultures are commonly seen flying across the desert sky. Have some fun making this Soaring Vulture Craft that the kids can “fly”!

7. Jaguars are another native animal species that makes its home in the Arizona desert. Learn letters and biology with this cute J is for Jaguar Craft!

8. Arizona’s Phoenix Rising FC is the state’s Major League Soccer team. This adorable Finger Puppet Soccer Game is such a cool craft! Kids will want to play with it for hours!

Arizona Crafts for Kids to Make

What Arizona crafts for kids have you made? Share your ideas in the comments!

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