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Alaska Crafts for Kids

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Alaska is best known as the northernmost U.S. state. In fact, this state is wayyy up at the top of the North American continent – not far from the Arctic Circle! Since Alaska was the 49th state, it was one of the final states added to the union.

There’s a lot for kids to learn about Alaska and these Alaska crafts for kids are a fun way to do it! With these hands-on art projects, printables, and more, children of all ages can learn about Alaska’s wildlife, geography, and people.

Among the wild animals that live in Alaska are moose, caribou, and bears. For more about the wild bears that live in Alaska, grab these free bear activity sheets!

Alaska Crafts for Kids to Make

Alaska Crafts for Kids:

1. This Cupcake Liner Igloo Craft is downright adorable. And it’s so easy to make! You’ll only need a couple of easy-to-find supplies and the kids can make it on their own!

2. After you discuss Eskimo tribes that originally lived in Alaska, make these cute and yummy Eskimo Sweet Treats to enjoy a cupcake together!

3. Down here in the South, we don’t get a lot of snow. But this fun Erupting Snow sensory activity makes it easy for us to experience the snow of Alaska, even in warm weather! Also, it’s a wonderful way to keep your youngest learners involved in this unit!

4. While I made many pillow forts as a child, I never thought to make my own igloo. This Indoor Igloo would be a huge hit with children who want to spend a little time in a traditional Eskimo home!

Alaska Lapbook Elements
Alaska Unit Study

5. Use arctic animal figurines and your own DIY ice houses to make this Arctic Small World for the kids to play with and explore!

6. When you’re ready to talk about the wildlife of Alaska, these printable Arctic Animal Flashcards are a nice way to get started! Challenge the kids to identify each one, put them in alphabetical order, match them up, and more!

7. Add a little yumminess to your Alaska crafts with this Marshmallow Igloo STEM activity! Hand out the marshmallows and other supplies and see which child can construct an igloo first!

8. This Paper Bag Moose Puppet is a simple and fun paper craft for kids to make. Let your children put on a puppet show featuring a moose family that lives in Alaska!

Alaska Crafts for Kids

Can you think of any Alaska crafts for kids to try with children? Share your tips and ideas in the comments!

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