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Christmas Worksheets

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It’s that time of year! Schools are breaking for the holidays, and kids are looking for something to do. Use these Christmas Worksheets as a simple way to prevent the holiday slump! We encourage learning all year long at 3 Boys and a Dog!

These holiday printables are all holiday-themed and will keep the kids interested and learning during the break. Just print and let them get started!

The best part about using Christmas worksheets is that you can mix and match and choose what you want them to work on.

Of course, giving them a say is meaningful, too – so share this list of freebies with them! When they’re a part of the learning fun, they’ll be more apt to participate!

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Christmas Worksheets

Be sure to check back often, as I’ll update this list every time I get a new Christmas or holiday post live on the site!

Use this Kindergarten Christmas Handwriting Worksheet as a fun way to keep the practice happening while they’re patiently waiting for Christmas morning.

The best part about this Christmas Handwriting and Coloring Page for Preschool is that you can use it for holiday decorations on the fridge!

Fun Christmas Decoding Worksheets are great for printing and having ready for the kids. They’ll love to figure them out all on their own!

Christmas Worksheets for Preschool are encouraged to help them want to learn – and to keep them focused on something besides those presents under the tree.

Check out this Find the Letter E is for Elf! This is perfect for showcasing the letter E so the kids can identify it and learn uppercase and lowercase.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Printables are a MUST! You can even cue up the movie and have that playing in the background!



Elf on the Shelf Christmas Handwriting Worksheets for Kids are a great way to get excited for that fun and onery elf.

Elf Reading Christmas Printable Flash Cards will help the kids gain confidence in their reading ability. This is perfect for early learners who are working on their sight words.

Christmas Printable Worksheets: Which Elf is Different? are great for working on their analytical skills. Do they have what it takes to determine which elf is different? You’ll have to print and find out.

This Nativity Sequencing: Preschool Christmas Activity is a fun way to let the kids see how to sequence and determine what comes next.

Use these Christmas Tree Shapes Learning Activities as a way to help kids learn all about shapes. They’ll be pros in no time!

Christmas Tree {Letter Review} is a fun way to help the kids learn and remember letters. They’ll have a blast with this one.

The kids will love having this Muppets Christmas Activity Worksheet Pack!

This Free Christmas Religious Vocabulary Words Worksheet is a great way to talk about words about the holiday season and nativity scenes.

Use these Christmas Road Trip Activity Kit Worksheets to keep the kids busy while traveling!

These Christmas Preschool Math Worksheets are perfect for learning!

The older kids will love using these Christmas Grades 3 and 4 Math Worksheets!

Check out this packet of Christmas Grades 1 and 2 Math Worksheets!

Use these Christmas Cutting Pages to work on fine motor skills!

Save these Christmas Day Cutting Pages for the actual day!

How do I encourage learning over the Christmas break?

The Christmas break is a time for relaxation and family fun, but it’s also an opportunity to encourage learning and skill-building outside the classroom.

One way to do this is by incorporating educational activities into your holiday traditions. For example, reading holiday-themed books or writing letters to loved ones can improve literacy skills.

Board games and puzzles can enhance problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities.

Traveling to a local museum or exploring nature can also expand knowledge and curiosity.

Encouraging your child to pursue their interests, whether it’s through a new hobby or a creative project, can also foster a love of learning.

Emphasizing the importance of continued education and self-improvement during the Christmas break can have long-lasting benefits and set a positive tone for the new year.

How often should my child work on printable learning worksheets?

Parents want our children to have the best opportunities to learn and grow. Printable learning worksheets can be a great resource to supplement your child’s education, but how often should they be used?

The answer ultimately depends on your child’s learning needs and schedule. Some children may benefit from completing a few worksheets daily, while others may find working on them a few times a week beneficial.

It’s essential to strike a balance between using worksheets and other learning activities to ensure your child stays engaged and motivated.

Regardless of how often your child works on printable learning worksheets, the key is to ensure they are challenging and enjoyable.

How do I keep learning fun and exciting?

Learning can be an enjoyable adventure when approached with the right attitude. You need to switch up your methods to keep learning fun and exciting.

One approach could be gamification- incorporate games, challenges, and rewards into your learning sessions.

Another technique could be creating a personalized learning space where you can explore topics that interest you without the pressure of grades or deadlines.

Try collaborating with others and sharing ideas, as this can lead to new perspectives and innovative ways of learning.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and explore new subjects. Learning something new requires a certain level of curiosity and willingness to take risks.

Keeping learning fun and exciting is achievable with creativity and a positive mindset.

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