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Christmas Preschool Math Worksheets

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Use these Christmas Preschool Math Worksheets as the perfect way to continue learning and having fun over the holiday break. Be sure to check out my 30 Fun Homeschooling Preschool Worksheets for even more great printable educational ideas.

These math printables are perfect for early learners and those who want to combine the festive theme of Christmas with math. All you have to do is print and let them get started!

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My kids have always enjoyed math, but it’s safe to say that they loved math even more, when it was themed learning.

And who can deny the fact that the Christmas season always puts everyone in a good mood? The festive images and printable pages create an excellent learning environment for the kids.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

Math printables for kids offer a ton of great benefits. Since this printable math packet has multiple pages, it’s the perfect way for them to complete one topic and then quickly and easily move on to the next.

Not only does this help to round out their math knowledge and learning, but it also helps to give them confidence with each page that they complete.



What it includes:

In this preschool printable math packet, you’ll find:

  • Number tracing
  • Color by number
  • Christmas Counting
  • Smallest to biggest
  • Tracing
  • Coloring
  • and more!

Each printable holiday math page was created with your little learner in mind! You might need to help read the directions, but after that, let them take off and try!

Stay close and be their cheerleader as well to show them how good of a job they’re doing.

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Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though you might have quite a few printable options here with this math packet, you can always create more ideas to continue with the learning options and fun.

Just in case you need a few ideas, here are some other great preschool math activities to do!

Count the holiday candy

Do you have snacks and treats at home? While you might be unable to slow the kids down from eating them, challenge them to work on their counting and grouping skills.

Then, you can have them eat one and work on subtraction skills too!

Have a Christmas Scavenger hunt

Not just any scavenger hunt – but a holiday-counting one! Give them some things to find in the house, and then give them a number as well.

This means that you need two stockings, five marshmallows, three ornaments, etc. That way, they’re looking for items, counting them, and bringing the right number back to you.

Have them make their color by number

This is a great activity to work on critical thinking skills. Have the kiddos draw out their favorite holiday picture, and then use simple math problems to make a color by number.

This may take a little bit of help, but the result will be something that they’ll be so proud of creating!

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What math skills do preschoolers learn? 

Preschoolers are capable of learning a variety of math skills beginning at an early age. These include learning to recognize numerals and basic counting principles, comparing numbers and quantifying amounts, learning geometric shapes and their features, developing problem-solving strategies, using patterns for logical reasoning, and sorting objects by parameters such as size or color.

Knowing these areas sets the stage for academic success in mathematics when children enter school.

The benefits of fostering a strong foundation in preschool mathematics also extend beyond the classroom – it contributes towards a child’s overall cognitive development and ability to think abstractly.

Therefore, facilitating an environment in which young children can develop their mathematical literacy should be a priority to ensure future educational success.

How do I help my child if they get frustrated with math?

Helping a child when they become frustrated with math can be challenging. It is important to remain supportive and understanding throughout the process so that the child does not feel hindered or embarrassed by their difficulty.

It may be beneficial to start by breaking down the problem into smaller, simpler parts – this could help make it easier for the child to understand how to approach the problem.

Additionally, providing a quiet workspace free from distractions (accompanied by positive reinforcement) could also help foster a more comfortable learning environment.

When appropriate, encouraging them to work through similar problems can also promote increased confidence and understanding of various techniques while becoming acquainted with necessary processes.

With patience, guidance, and support, your child can be successful in their math endeavors despite any initial difficulties they may face along the way.

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What are the top math skills to teach a preschooler?

Teaching math skills to preschoolers can provide them with a solid foundation for learning mathematics later on in their education. Preschoolers should be introduced to basic concepts, such as patterns, sorting, counting, and recognizing shapes.

Building the fundamentals of early math helps children to think logically and develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Developing these mathematical foundations also assists preschoolers in recognizing shapes that are associated with numbers, which is an important stepping stone for learning number sense and operations.

Teaching math in meaningful contexts allows children to explore the idea of numbers in a real-world setting; using activities such as measuring distance while playing tag or comparing sizes while putting away toys are effective ways of teaching math.

Overall, providing preschoolers with the opportunity to acquire basic math skills introduces mathematical thought processes that they can use throughout their lives.

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These activities are fun for all ages to do and are a great way to keep them learning throughout the holiday days. Check them all out!

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