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Elf on the Shelf Christmas Handwriting Worksheets for Kids

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These Christmas Printables: Elf on the Shelf Handwriting Worksheets for Kids will help your preschool and kindergarten-aged children work on fine motor skills and handwriting.  Plus, they are in an adorable Elf on the Shelf theme.  Be sure to check out my 30 Fun Homeschooling Preschool Worksheets for even more learning fun.

Does the Elf visit your house?  Maybe he can fill out one of these adorable worksheets and bring another to your child.  What a great way to start your homeschool morning!

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I love sharing Christmas Printables with all of you. They’re a great learning resource for the kids and a perfect way to keep learning fun!

If you have young children in your home, you probably know all about the little Elf that comes to visit.  My kids were all obsessed with Elfie, our Elf!  They wanted Elf EVERYTHING!  

I figured the best way to get my youngest to do his schoolwork was to create some fun Elf printables for him. And it always worked!

Christmas is not very far off – enhance your homeschooling adventures or after-school teachings with these adorable Christmas printable worksheets.

What is the learning benefit of holiday-themed printables?

Holiday-themed printables provide students with an engaging and entertaining way to learn. Whether it is coloring pages, word searches, or mazes, these resources make learning more enjoyable for students of all ages.

Rather than viewing a task as a traditional school assignment, they will consider it a fun challenge. Linking holiday-themed printables can also help build 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration.

Furthermore, teachers can tie in relevant content areas such as math and history to the holiday task; this encourages the integration of knowledge in different subject domains and helps make learning more relevant.

What it includes:

This fun handwriting printable includes a printable page of dotted lines leading from one elf to another elf.

These lines are a combination of squiggly, straight, rounded, and jagged so that the kids can work on holding their writing utensils and focusing on getting from point a to point b.



Fun ways to use this printable:

Printing out and using this printable as is is totally fine, but there are so many other ways to incorporate fun and learning!

Here are a few other activities that you can do with the kids that they’re going to love!

Write out silly names for the elf

Naming elves can be a surprisingly entertaining activity! Those looking for inspiration can draw from various sources – from traditional names like Elfred, Elvina, and Elwood, to the more humorous choices of Jubjub, Wobblesnook, and Gigglepants.

The possibilities are limited only by one’s imagination when it comes to selecting an appropriate name for any given elf. Adding touches of whimsy and levity to the process could be just the spark needed to discover the perfect name for your elf! Plus – it works on writing skills!

Write out a Christmas list

When you want to work on more writing skills, let the kids write their Christmas lists. This will help them give you ideas – and work on their penmanship simultaneously!

Draw their dotted worksheets

These printables might inspire them to be creative as well. Instead of having them draw from one elf to another, have the kids draw a different holiday picture to connect to.

They can draw a Christmas tree, a star, presents, or even the big guy himself!

pin image that reads handwriting elf on the shelf worksheet

What are other good handwriting activities for preschoolers?

Preschoolers are developmentally ready to start exploring the idea of handwriting. Learning good handwriting skills not only helps improve their motor planning but also builds concentration and confidence in completing tasks.

An effective way to engage preschoolers in handwriting activities is through games such as “Dot to Dot,” where they are given dotted letters or shapes, which they connect with a pencil to form distinct patterns.

Another activity that can be used is “Roll and Write”; this activity involves a preschooler rolling dice or spinning a wheel with letters, images, or numbers on it; whatever appears after the wheel/dice stop spinning is what the preschooler will have to trace.

With practice, all of these activities help develop the physical, cognitive, and linguistic abilities needed to be proficient in handwriting.

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