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Christmas Tree Shapes Learning Activities {Free Printable}

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Using these Christmas tree shapes is such a fun way to help preschoolers learn shapes, plus it’s an easy peasy and fun kids craft for Christmas–win win!

Makes me want to sing. Oh Christmas Tree!  Oh Christmas Tree!  How lovely are your branches!

Especially when we can use them to review our shapes!

Seriously, teaching shapes with Christmas trees is so simple and a natural, hands on learning activity for the holiday season.

Oh, but if you’re just here for the whole Christmas tree thing, check out these 50+ Christmas tree crafts for kids. There’s so many fun ideas for the kiddos!

Make a Christmas Tree

Today, we’ll be focusing on the Christmas tree.  

There are two projects here, one with a printable and one with a kiddo’s handprint–both awesome Christmas tree crafts for kids that are hands on active projects that the kids will love.

If you want to adapt this lesson for an older crowd, you could research the history of the Christmas tree and ornaments. The tiny ornaments on the printable would also be great for scissor and fine-motor practice.

Let’s get started!

Christmas Tree Shapes Early Childhood Craft

What You Need for this Shape Christmas Tree Craft:

  • Build a Christmas Tree Free Printable (below)
  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Construction Paper

What You Do for This Fun Christmas Craft:

After printing out the shapes, have your child color in the shapes.

Discuss what the shapes are going to become so they can color appropriately or just leave it as a more free-ending project.  As you can see, my Chipmunk (age 3) decided to go for a monochromatic look.

We’ve been having a little forgetfulness when it comes to our numbers, so we numbered the oval ornaments in order to practice a bit.

After the coloring was complete, I cut the shapes out and got the glue sticks ready!

We started with the tree and trunk, asking about the shapes and  colors.

After the tree was in place, I handed Chipmunk one ornament at a time, counting as she glued them in place.

Continue in this pattern till your tree is complete!


Ready for another project??

Handprint Christmas Tree

What You Need:

  • Someone’s cute little hand
  • Green Paint and paint  brush
  • Gold Puffy Paint
  • Construction Paper

What You Do:

Paint child’s hand green with a paint brush.  Position it carefully onto paper and push down firmly.

After the paint dries, draw on a trunk and a star (optional)

Use the gold puffy pain to add lights or ornaments.


How to Expand on These Holiday Crafts

If you want to build on these holiday crafts, you can do a few fun things to really punch up the fun:

  • Have the kiddos build a tree with popsicle sticks
  • Make the pattern blocks for a tree with paper rolls
  • Shape a tree with salt dough

Basically, if you want to make these crafts a little more in-depth, it’s as easy as adding a few more supplies!

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