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Christmas Printable Worksheets: Which Elf is Different?

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These Christmas Printable Worksheets: Which Elf is Different will help your preschool younger children work on recognizing patterns and differences in objects. The kids will love these Christmas worksheets!

The best part about this same or different worksheet is that they’re Elf on the Shelf themed, which is perfect for combining holiday learning and holiday fun! Use this printable to help your child visually see the differences in pictures.

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Christmas is not very far off – enhance your homeschooling adventures or your after-school teachings with these adorable Christmas printable worksheets.

These are also great for using over the Christmas break as well. Anything that you can do to help your child wants to learn and love to learn is never a bad idea.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

Spotting the differences in pictures is a great way to learn! This uses the child’s critical thinking skills and pairs them with their ability to see details.

Not only will they visually learn, but they’ll also see the importance of slowing down and making sure that they’re taking their time to see all the differences, too.

Because when it comes to the elf on the shelf, it’s important to look him or her over and ensure that they’re legit!

What it includes:

This printable spot the difference worksheet includes a page full of elves, with some looking the same and some looking different.

The page is bright in colors and sure to get the kids excited and ready for the holiday season.

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Fun ways to use this printable:

There are so many ways that you can use this printable! While I love all things elf on the shelf, you can easily pair any fun holiday activities based on this printable.

Talk to the kids and get some fun ideas together to explore and door. Change it up to keep learning fun and interesting.

Here are some great ideas to help get you started!

Write a story about the elf on the shelf

Everyone knows that the elf on the shelf is naughty, but in a fun way. Have the kids take some of their knowledge about that pesky elf, and write their very own stories about him or here.

Don’t forget to have them draw pictures as well!

Make their own spot the difference drawing

Now that they know how fun it is to spot the differences in a picture, have the kids make their own two drawings and see if you can spot them, too!

This will mean that they need to pick something that they can draw twice – but it’s a fun challenge to work on analytical skills.

Drink some cocoa and talk about the differences

There’s nothing that a good cup of cocoa can’t solve. Have the elf on the shelf differences in front of you, and sit down together to talk about the worksheets.

See if the kids can find all the elves that are different – and then talk about why they’re different. This is perfect for communication skills as well!

pin image that reads find the difference elf on the shelf worksheet

How are spot the difference worksheets helpful in learning?

Spot the difference worksheets are a valuable tool for learning, since they help develop recognition skills as well as visual perception.

By monitoring and comparing different scenarios, students learn to identify minute changes in objects and environments quickly, improving their concentration skills and sharpening their powers of observation.

These worksheets are particularly useful for children, who benefit from unleashing the power of imagination while learning to recognize common shapes and figures that form the foundation of many elements in our daily lives.

As they complete each puzzle and decipher small differences in large groups of elements, learners become more familiar with their environment, further developing pattern recognition abilities which will be useful throughout their education journey.

Are these find the different worksheets great for younger kids?

Find the different worksheets are great for younger kids due to the fun, hands-on approach that they take to learning. Children respond well to visual aids, and these worksheets offer a variety of colors along with illustrative examples which can be used to help teach a variety of concepts.

Furthermore, these worksheets provide an opportunity for children to practice their newly acquired knowledge independently.

This helps them to apply what they have been taught and boosts both confidence and comprehension.

In this way, younger children reap the most benefit from find the different worksheets, providing them with a wealth of educational resources in an entertaining format.

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