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Utah Books for Kids

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Utah is a land of natural diversity. In this post about Utah Books for Kids, we will share some of our favorites that teach about the state, the history, and the landscape.

In addition to picture books for little ones, we have included chapter books based in this beautiful state. I have a huge list of book recommendations for all ages!

Read on to see which Utah books are the best ones to read to your child!

collage of 6 bookcovers from this list of 26 Utah Books for Kids

Reading books is a great addition to your 50 states unit study.

A trip through the nearly 85 thousand square miles of the 45th state will give you a glimpse of the diversity of the land.

Utah is home to dry desserts, but the mountains receive over 500 feet of snow each year! Hot desert air and cold mountain air can both be found in this great state! Beautiful sparkling lakes and amazing rock formations can also be found here.

The land isn’t the only thing with major variations. The weather, too, can shift majorly depending on where you are and the time of the year.

Saint George recorded the highest ever temperature of 118°F (47.8°C) on July 4, 2007, in Utah, while Peter Sinks recorded the coldest temperature of -69°F (-56.1°C) on February 1, 1985.

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Did You Know?

As I was researching Utah in order to provide the best reading resources, I found something very interesting… Utah comes in second place for the state with the highest percentage of land owned by the Federal government – right behind Nevada.

The Federal Government owns approximately 640 million acres of land in the US and 35 million of that is in Utah! Another way of saying that is that 66.48 percent of Utah’s total land is owned by the Federal Government!

I know what you are thinking, “Well, Utah has 5 National Parks, so that is not surprising.” You are correct, but only about 2 million (of the 35 million) acres are owned by the National Park System.

Now, you are super intrigued as well, aren’t you?

What does “Utah” Mean?

The meaning behind its name is yet another super varied thing from this State! According to everything I can find, the state was named after the Ute Tribe. Ute meaning “people of the mountains.

However, the Ute people do not actually call themselves Ute, but instead Noochee. They are one of the most ancient native tribes in North America.

The first known documentation about them was written by Spanish friars who called them “Quasutas,” a term that referred to all Indians speaking Shoshonean dialects at the time. Yet, today they continue calling themselves Noochee or “the ones who speak our language” according to Fred A Conetah-who wrote “A History Of The Northern Ute People”.

Utah Resources

The book list below contains stories that teach about many of the things we discussed above! Before reading the Utah Books for Kids with your child, talk about why and the significance of that book to the state of Utah.

Utah Books for Kids

Our top picks of Children's Books about Utah will help your children learn about the state of Utah. We have included picture books and chapter books.

There are books about the state, famous and historical people of Utah, and even major events.

We have also included stories based in Utah to help you reinforce the history of this great state.

Are you excited about learning about the diverse land and varied history of this state with these resources and Books about Utah for Children?

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