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Cotton Candy Cupcakes Recipe

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This Cotton Candy Cupcakes Recipe is full of cotton candy flavoring! With the base being a strawberry cupcake recipe, everyone is going to love all the sweet flavors. These tasty cupcakes are made using a cake mix which makes them so easy to whip up and enjoy! Perfect for a birthday party or a pink-themed celebration!

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Once you gather up the shortlist of ingredients, you’ll be baking these strawberry-flavored cupcakes and waiting to take your first bite.

Cotton Candy Cupcakes Recipe

The best part about using a cake mix is that it takes away so many of the steps! You just have to add in a few easy ingredients, mix, and bake! Then the fun comes with the frosting and adding the toppings!

This cupcake recipe almost reminds me of a carnival theme and I always enjoy making it. The more that I can bake treats that get eaten, the more I’m going to continue to bake them!

Can you add other toppings to cupcakes?

You can have any toppings that you want. Strawberry buttercream frosting is a great addition, powdered sugar is always great, and fresh strawberries or fresh fruit are always a great idea as well.

Specialty Ingredients:

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Make it a Meal:

It’s time to start meal planning! Not only does it save me time and sanity but it saves my kids from always asking me what is for dinner as well! Meal planning really does help with communication and planning which is always a good thing.

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Can you make these cupcakes with another cake recipe?

While I love using strawberry cake mix, I think that these would be great as chocolate cupcakes as well. This is a simple cupcake recipe that you can easily change and alter on your own.

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Cotton Candy Cupcakes Recipe

Cotton Candy Cupcakes Recipe

Yield: 24 cupcakes


  • 1 box of strawberry cake mix
  • 1 pack of pink cotton candy
  • 2 tabs of white icing
  • Pink food coloring
  • Paper straws


  1. Make the cake mix according to the box. Bake and let cool.
  2. Cut out the center of the cupcake but don't cut too deep. Fill the hole with cotton candy.
  3. Mix the icing and food coloring and pipe on the top of the cupcakes.
  4. Make a ball with the cotton candy and put it on top of the paper straw. Put the straw in the cupcake and enjoy.

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