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Iowa Books for Kids

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Iowa is a land of beautiful rolling hills and geological wonders. In this post about Iowa Books for Kids, we will share some of our favorites that teach about the state, the history, and the landscape.

In addition to picture books for little ones, we have included chapter books based in this beautiful state. Reading books is a great addition to your 50 states unit study.

Read on to see which Iowa books are the best ones to read to your child!

While this state is considered an agricultural state since 85% of its land is used for that purpose, most of the 3 million residents actually live in urban areas.

Bordered on both sides by navigable rivers, the 29th state’s climate is considered humid continental. That means it has cold winters with snowfall as well as hot & humid summers.

Iowa is also one of the safest places to live within the continental united states.

What’s a strange fact about Iowa?

While we typically think of corn when we think of The Hawkeye State, we really should think of farm animals! Why? Because Iowa has a significant number of them…

Iowa sets the record for the largest number of pigs in the USA. The last count on record showed the Iowa pig count clocking in at just under 26 million! This makes it our nation’s top pork producer.

That fact is even more impressive when you realize that Iowa has just slightly over 3 million humans! Seriously, there are approximately 8 pigs for every person in the state of Iowa.

But wait, pigs do not set the record for the largest farm animal population in Iowa… Chickens do! Iowa has more than 67 million chickens! That means they have more chickens than the United Kingdom has people!

Super interesting and strange fact, no?

Iowa Resources

Resources for Pigs and Chickens:

When learning about Iowa, you can also expand into learning more about pigs & chickens with these resources:

The book list below contains stories that teach about many of the things we discussed above! Before reading the Iowa Books for Kids with your child, talk about why and the significance of that book to the state of Iowa.

Iowa Books for Kids

Our top picks of Children's Books about Iowa will help children learn about the state of Iowa. We have included picture books and chapter books.

There are books about the state, the famous people of Iowa, and even historical events.

We have also included stories based in Iowa to help you reinforce the history of this great state.

Are you excited about learning about the diverse land and varied history of this state with these resources and Books about Iowa for Children?

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