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Famous Utah Recipes 

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Famous Utah Recipes include Navajo tacos, fry sauce, funeral potatoes, green jello, peach pie, potato tots, and pastrami burgers.

Check out our 50 states unit study for some fun states info! These popular recipes will remind you of the best part of being in Utah. 

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Don’t forget to check out this Utah State Fact File Unit Study as well to learn more about fun state facts and history.

Utah is known as the beehive state and is home to The Great Salt Lake which is the largest lake west of the Mississippi River. The capital is Salt Lake City which is surrounded by mountains and is close to ski slopes in Park City. Don’t forget to enjoy the sandy dunes of Moab in the summer as well. 

These ten food categories include three recipes from notable professional chefs and home chefs, with the recipe testing and dish development done for you. All you need to do is enjoy the wonderful combinations that make these dishes uniquely Utah.

What are some fun things to do in the state of Utah?

Utah is an ideal destination for tourists looking to experience outdoor recreation. From skiing and snowboarding trails of all levels in the winter to many mountain biking and hiking trails in the summer, Utah offers a wide variety of activities for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Rock climbing is another popular activity, with various walls ranging from beginner to expert available across the state.

Kayaking down rivers, ATVing over dirt roads, horseback riding through canyons, and camping under the stars are some exhilarating activities visitors can partake in during their time in Utah.

Salt Lake City is home to many other entertainment venues, such as galleries and museums, for those seeking culture or leisurely exploration.

With its diverse attractions and beauty, Utah provides an unforgettable experience for travelers year-round.

What makes Utah a unique state?

Located in the southwestern United States, Utah is a multicultural state that offers the perfect combination of historical beauty, outdoor recreation activities, and metropolitan convenience.

From its diverse population to its captivating National Parks – like Zion and Bryce Canyon National Park – Utah captivates people from all around.

It has a vibrant cultural community with distinct traditions and festivals, which locals and tourists enjoy.

Moreover, Utah is renowned for its great ski resorts, bustling nightlife in cities like Salt Lake City and Provo, rich agricultural fields, and stunning red rock canyons.

All in all, there’s something for everyone living in or visiting Utah: an opportunity to take part in unique experiences that won’t be found anywhere else.

Is Jello-O the state food of Utah?

Jello-O has come to be known as one of the most iconic foods of Utah, often cited as the state food.

While there is currently no official state food, it is believed that Jello-O first gained popularity in the region during the Great Depression – due to its inexpensive ingredients and long shelf life.

Utah does not officially recognize it as a state food, yet it is still found at many gatherings and is often referred to affectionately as ‘Utah’s own.’

Although it is not an officially designated symbol of Utah culture, Jello-O remains a popular treat with a deep history in the area – enjoyed by many for generations.

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What is the most popular selling food in Utah?

In Utah, the most popular food is a tie between fry sauce and Jell-O. Fry sauce is a condiment made by combining mayonnaise and ketchup. It has become so popular in the state that it is difficult to find a restaurant or household where it is unavailable.

Fry sauce and Jell-O remain beloved staples of Utah’s popular cuisine, found everywhere from family gatherings to fast food restaurants.

What else is Utah famous for?

Utah’s fame is certainly not limited to its landscape; the state also has an impressive academic and cultural pedigree. From Brigham Young University, recognized as a Tier 1 research university, to the esteemed Sundance Film Festival in Park City every year, Utah hosts renowned institutions representing higher education and the performing arts.

Unsurprisingly, Utah also boasts a thriving tech industry, with companies such as Adobe Systems having headquarters or a large presence.

Other notable features of the Utah experience include its proximity to several national parks and its exceptionally low unemployment rate.

All these elements combine to make Utah a unique and attractive living location for people from all walks of life.

Famous Utah Recipes 

Here are some of the most famous recipes in Utah. So many delicious options that you can easily make right at home!

Navajo Tacos 

Fry bread is topped with seasoned ground beef, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and cheddar. These are perfect for lunch or dinner.

Funeral Potatoes 

These potatoes are served at large gatherings and funerals. They are made with onions, cheese, shredded potatoes, sour cream, and crunchy crushed corn flakes topping.  

Fry Sauce 

This sauce is popular all over the States but originated in Utah. It’s a blend of mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, pickle brine, and paprika. You can dip french fries, chicken tenders, and other fried foods in this sauce. 

Tater Tots 

Homemade tater tots are packed with shredded potatoes, herbs, and spices. They are served in casseroles, dipped in fry sauce, gravy, or made into a “nacho” salad. 

Peach Pie 

 Fresh peaches are grown in Utah and are delicious when mixed with cinnamon and sugar, poured into pie crust, and topped with more pie dough. Peach pie is baked until the top is golden brown and crispy.  



Pastrami Burger 

Cheeseburgers topped with pastrami and thousand island dressing is a famous Utah recipe that is served at restaurants all over the state. 

Fry Bread with butter 

This bread dough is fried in oil and puffs up into savory discs like tortillas. People in Utah like to top it with whipped butter, cinnamon sugar, or icing. 

Green Jello 

Green Jello salad made with pineapples, shredded carrots, raisins, or lime juice is popularly eaten at large gatherings or special occasions. 

Frog Eye Salad

This fruit and pasta salad is made with tiny pasta that resembles “frog eyes,” mandarin oranges, pineapple chunks, maraschino cherries, and mixed with cool whip. It’s served at parties or for dessert after dinner. 

Shepherd’s Pie 

This meat pie is traditionally made with ground lamb but can be made with ground beef if you’d like. It includes carrots, onions, peas, Worcestershire sauce, is covered with mashed potatoes, and baked. 

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