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The Top 17 Recipes to Try Today!

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With a new year comes a time to reflect, plan, and organize.  That means it is time for me to to look into 3 Boys and a Dog’s statistics and figure out what you guys love the most.  My goal is always to provide you with the things you want.

This list of The Top 17 Recipes to Try Today is what all of that digging garnered.  These are the most popular recipes on my site from the year 2017!  They are in order from the #1 recipe to the #17 recipe.  I hope you find something to try this week in your weekly menu planning.

This list of The Top 17 Recipes to Try Today is what all of that digging garnered.  These are the most popular recipes on my site from the year 2017! 

The Top 17 Recipes to Try Today:

1.  Keep it Clean Tilapia Recipe – This recipe has consistently been the top food item on my site for about 4 years!  We update it regularly to keep it current, but you guys still love to read it!

2.  Blueberry Cake Mix Cobbler – This was the very first cake mix recipe that I ever put on my site.  Man, you guys LOVE it!

3.  Hamburger Soup in the Slow Cooker – This yummy recipe helped me prove to my husband that I am not the only person that likes to eat soup all year long. LOL!


4.  RoTel Dip with Hamburger Meat – We have this at least twice a month at our house.  Not the most healthy dinner, but it is delicious and SUPER fast.

5.  Best Ever Hamburger Patty – I am so picky when it comes to a good burger and that is because I developed this amazing burger recipe through the years.  Now, I just want my own patties!

6.  5 Ingredient Tuna Casserole – Tuna is cheap and this casserole is easy – no wonder if it so popular!

7.  Wild Rice and Cranberry Bread Loaf – This is one of those special recipes I pull out for things like Thanksgiving.

8. Cranberry Kiss Mocktail – When you go here, you can tell by the image size that it is a super old recipe that hasn’t been updated in a long time.  It is on my agenda, but meanwhile the recipe is still super yummy. 🙂

9. Roasted Pecans – This is one of those recipes that has been passed down as long as I can remember!  My great-great Grandmother made it outside her covered wagon! It has been updated through the years and can now be made in the microwave – yep, easy!

10. Pork Chops & Rice – Can you get any cheaper than Pork Chops and Rice? No, I think not.  However, the mushroom flavor adds just enough to make this one of the most delicious cheap meals.

11. Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies – This no bake recipe is perfect for your kids to make and makes a fabulous classroom treat. 🙂

12. Lemon Cake Bread Machine Recipe – 6 years after I added this to my blog, it is still the most popular bread machine recipe that I have!

13. Cotton Candy Mocktail – This one is so neat, so different, and so pretty that it is really no wonder it is in the top 17 most popular recipes!

14. Pan Fried Potatoes and Carrots – I can’t believe this is the first side dish recipe on the list!

15. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Bread – This is probably my favorite bread recipe that I make – I would venture to guess that my boys would agree!

16. Zucchini Cake Mix Bread Recipe – This is one of those cake mix recipes I made because you guys were loving the cake mix stuff so much.  I am not surprised to find it in my top seventeen!

17. Scalloped Potatoes from Leftovers – You guys love my super quick, easy, and cheap meal ideas!  Plus, like me, you hate waste.  This recipe is the final of the top 17, but don’t think that my recipes stop with this list.  We have hundreds (maybe thousands) of recipes on the site and people love ALL of them. 🙂

At 3 Boys and a Dog, we also like to curate recipes from around the web when our readers (YOU!) ask for certain things.  I would be remiss if I didn’t share some of those top epic lists as well. 🙂

Over 50 Recipes Using Hamburger Meat

5 Ways to Make Cake Mix Better – this post has been a top since a guest wrote it a couple years ago.  This has started an entire series of cake mix recipes on 3BD and taken some major updates through the years to make it even better for you.

Mocktails for Kids – who knew that so many people wanted non-alcohol drinks?


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